Sir Justin Retires

This was posted by Snaily5 on behalf of our loyal and awesome soldier who I will truly miss, Sir Justin.  Just love this guy!


Hello RPF! I am sad to inform you that I, Sir Justin, will be retiring for a few months.

I will check up on you guys once in a while so BEHAVE lol.  I wanna thank Elmikey, Red Gush, and Snaily for introducing me to RPF.  XD Love you guys!

I would also like to thank Tori for being there for me and helping me through the times I’ve been in RPF.  You have been my friend since I’ve started this army. Love yuhh!  I would like to thank Bubbles for staying as my friend and being there to talk to during my time in CP armies.  I hope you guys have a great time in your armies.

As for the Rebels and my other best friends, I have enjoyed my time in his army and i hope to return in a short time.  Recruits you will love this army.  I have loved this army since i got here as a rebel cadet!  I love you guys and all of RPF and i will miss you all.


Your Warlord, Sir Justin

Bye you guys D:


A friend loves at all times. Do what you love and love what you do and always give 100% of yourself.

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5 comments on “Sir Justin Retires
  1. snaily5 says:

    Sir Justin, you were an amazing soldier in RPF. You were a true inspiration, a role model, and great friend. I will really miss you and can’t wait for you to come back. Plus, you have the cutest cheeks I’ve ever seen. XD. Love ya Sir Justin!

  2. Tori says:

    JUSTINEEE D: my birthday twin, my brother from another mother 😦 omfg you are like my brother dude i am going to miss you so much!!! I LUV YUH TOOOOO <3333333 we can still tinychat or skype or whatevs just like come and visit me D: btw i luvvv your voice so much XD its like so cute :3 anyway have fun living life and stuff so byeee talk to ya later <3333333 ~Tori (the greatest twin EVER)

  3. kathy8479 says:

    Bye big cheeks 😉 we’ll stay in touch but I’ll miss you on chat. Always fun to talk to *salute*

  4. Ultipenguinj says:

    Nooooo So Fly!!! Everyone’s retiring!!!

  5. Andy says:

    NOOO! I was his apprentice! Salute to Sir Justin!

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