RPF Victory: Nachos PB Results


Hello, RPF!

Today was a good day… RPF Won! Isn’t that a suprise? RPF did really good today, maxing 35+ and averaging about 29+. We did great today, and so did the Nachos. It was a clear victory though with RPF engulfing the Nachos with many tactics and formations. Good job to all RPF and Nacho soldiers. The Nachos were a clear competition. Thank you so much to all soldiers who attended. The following people were promoted: Sean Paul08, God Protagora. Congratulations to all RPF! Pictures below:

We’re funny

We’re happy

It’s a crescent moon!


A friendly greeting

The Joke is on you 😀

RPF is not amused

Quite a show, we’re bored.

We love you!


EDIT: Some Additional Pictures Of The Practice Battle!

RPFvsPuckley001 RPFvsPuckley002 RPFvsPuckley003 RPFvsPuckley004 RPFvsPuckley005 RPFvsPuckley006 RPFvsPuckley007 RPFvsPuckley008

To conclude, this was a fun, competitive and very victorious battle. Please enjoy my version of RPF’s national anthem

-Fight the good fight


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10 comments on “RPF Victory: Nachos PB Results
  1. Vo..Yo..||..RPF..Warlord..3ic..||..RPFBC..Teacher..|| says:

    Attended and had fun 😉

  2. chrisiblule says:

    I honestly find it despicable that you have claimed victory in this battle, when it was clearly a draw, this was a practice battle for someone’s retirement, have some respect, it was clearly a draw, we had equal size and tactics. I also found it disgusting that Elmikey deemed it necessary to continue to perform frenzies, after the event was finished and we were trying to have a little party in the nightclub. In all honesty, over the last few months, I’ve came to the conclusion that Elmikey has the mentality of a 5 year old.
    Why so serious? RPF had more people online and more stable tactics. The Nachos did fantastic as well, but why are you finding it “disgusting”. It’s a practice “BATTLE” for a reason. Not so we could go easy on each other.

  3. RebelForce says:

    I attended it was a very fun battle

  4. St Ransor says:

    :d Shame I couldn’t come! :c

  5. St Ransor says:

    (: Did we win?

  6. Nice job guys a sweet victory to rpf and i attended 🙂

  7. ★||»ʟᴏʀᴅ ɴɪᴄωɪɴ«||★ says:

    I came.

  8. Ultipenguinj says:

    Was there. I came, I saw, RPF conquered. Although the Nachos did VERY well, too.

  9. Andy says:

    I couldn’t come owing to the weird timings for IST (time-zone)

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