Invasion of Beanbag [UK EVENT]

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Invasion of Beanbag

Nation expansion operation.

Date: Saturday, September 21st
Server: Beanbag, Ice Berg
2:00pm EST, 1:00pm CST, 12:00pm MST, 11:00am PST, 7:00pm GMT/UK

ƒĩɢɦŦ Ŧɦ£ ɢøøƊ ƒĩɢɦŦ


Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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22 comments on “Invasion of Beanbag [UK EVENT]
  1. Can’t wait to get some more servers :mrgreen:

  2. Ultipenguinj says:

    Finally, fairness for UK. Unfortunately, I can’t come. I’m in school. USA time, ya know?

  3. Starvsblack2 says:

    I can make it

  4. Starvsblack2 says:

    can’t make thursdays

  5. Ulti, they’ll be other US events throughout the event 😉 They’ll be at least one you can come to

  6. RebelForce says:

    Yeah let’s take some servers! P.S I think I can come to every event if thats the time…. I will try my best to come.

  7. Mo10000 says:

    more servers,yay!lets beat the crap out of AR XD XD XD

  8. NicWin100 says:

    I will be there.

  9. Junie says:

    I`ll try my best to come as many events as possible, I won`t let any troops down.

  10. 2001Viper says:

    i will try to be there

  11. Andrew says:

    I have school, I cant be there:(

  12. Andrew says:

    I can make the 7:00pm Tuxedo,Town

  13. Lord. Rhines says:

    I can make it to the AR battle. See you guys there!

  14. Lord. Rhines says:

    Oh, and is this a promotion event?

  15. SirLoyalty(Kwi3) ~God of Supporting~ says:

    I guess I wont be there on time. I got issues at Home and School. My grades are way bad. My bad Marines. 😦

  16. RebelForce says:

    I can come to every event exept the invasion of Brumby. P.S is this a promotion event? Because I really want my rank up. And I dont have school tomorrow so I can come to almost every event (YES!!!)

  17. RebelForce says:

    Wait I can come to only the AR one I think… I may be wrong again but whatever

  18. Starvsblack2 says:

    can make Fridays and Saturdays

  19. Andy says:

    Aye Aye Cap’n! xD

  20. Andrew says:

    i can make the battle of Beanbag, Ice Berg

  21. RebelForce says:

    Five AM… always say but never do…It means I probably won’t make it

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