Rockhopper Arrives

Hello, Troops, Rebels, Penguins, and Viewers!

Recently, Rockhopper and his ship the migrator arrived at the Club Penguin Lighthouse. What do I have to say about this, FREE ITEMS! Every time Rockhopper visits club penguin he puts fourth items for the penguins to get. I am going to give you the catalog. To get these items, you must head to Rockhoppers store in the ship hold.

The second step, Look for the sign that says “PIRATE TREASURE”.

Third step: Run over to it and a small catalog will come up.

A small catalog will pop up. Collect your free item, and waddle on!

Now, In a fun game to get coins, You can play “Treasure hunt”. In order to get there, you run into the place that says “CAPTAINS QUARTERS”

If you win, you receiver many coins and if you get 3 diamonds, you get an achievement. That will be all!



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One comment on “Rockhopper Arrives
  1. Ultipenguinj says:

    *forth items… Also, COOOOOOL.

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