Marines – Navy – Air Force – Arctic/Town |SnowballFight|

❗ RPF NAVY MEETING, SATURDAY 5:30 PST, 6:30 MST, 7:30 CST, 8:30 EST ❗ -Requested by Hefman



The Marines, Navy & Air Force will be having a snow ball fight in the town of Arctic. The purpose of this event is to have a fun old-school snowball battle between the troops of RPF while recruiting new members. On Wednesday we are starting a major nation expansion operation and it will be explained in detail sometime late Tuesday. 

WHERE: ARCTIC, TOWN WHEN: 7pm EST, 6pm CST, 5pm MST, 4pm PST, 12am UK 



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4 comments on “Marines – Navy – Air Force – Arctic/Town |SnowballFight|
  1. Starvsblack2 says:

    can’t make it 12 Am too late

  2. NicWin100 says:

    I can come.

  3. Ultipenguinj says:


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