I am leedur!

Hello, Rebel Penguin Federation!

I am Kevin. GRRR. Haha, I am the new leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation. I have been leader before in other generations so I know how it works around here! RPF has had some problems lately, so my goal is to help restore our former glory of “infinity and beyond”. I promise to work my hardest to be active, and bring some more fun into this army! To bring fun into this army, I would love to know what Club Penguin oriented things are your liking’s to “fun”. Keep it appropriate. Comment and fill this out below. Anyone is eligible to fill this out. I’ll just do my example below, so you get the point.

Club Penguin Username: B Batman3

Name on the Ranks: Kevin/B Batman3

What is your rank? Leader

What do you like to do for fun on Club Penguin? Have snowball fights in small groups, tell jokes on chat, and I’m OCD about editing ranks.


Thank you for your time.

-Fight The Good Fight


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9 comments on “I am leedur!
  1. flaperlump says:

    Club Penguin Username: Flaperlump

    Name on the Ranks: Flaperlump

    What is your rank? Command Master Petty Officer

    What do you like to do for fun on Club Penguin? I go around the town and look for igloos that I want to make improved versions of. I take requests from friends and give ideas. I also really like enjoy making battle-based igloos and playing Cart Surfer.

  2. thepurplesil says:

    Club Penguin Username:Thepurplesil

    Name on the Ranks:Thepurplesil

    What is your rank?Captain Marines

    What do you like to do for fun on Club Penguin?Trivia questions,Card Jitsu,Sled Races,Find Four etc.

  3. snaily5 says:

    Kevin! Congrats! I’m so glad to have you in RPF leadership again. I remember meeting you in Romans and having the privilege to lead Romans with you. You are an amazing person and strong, organized leader with great vision and ideas. Your addition to RPF leadership is one of the best decisions ever. Welcome back! Now don’t make me look like a fool and show all of RPF what I know you can do and what you do best. 😀

    Haha! Thanks Snaily! It will be a pleasure!

  4. Vo..Yo..||..RPF..Warlord..3ic..||..RPFBC..Teacher..|| says:

    Congrats Kevin on Leader !!!

    CP user name : Vo Yo

    Name on the Ranks : Vo Yo

    What is your rank ? Warlord 3ic

    What do you like to do for fun on Club Penguin ? Card jitsu tourneys and find four tourneys.

  5. snaily5 says:

    CP user name: Snaily5
    Name on Ranks: Snaily5
    Rank: Advisor
    My fav thing to do in cp is definitely having card jitsu battles with RPF troops and partying in RPF igloos. It’s also great for recruiting because we get noticed while dressing the same in groups and ppl ask who we are. Great exposure.
    I’d like to suggest an RPF game night on a populated server where civilians see us having fun as an organized group and want to join. 😀

  6. NicWin100 says:

    Club Penguin Username: NicWin100
    Name on Ranks: NicWin100
    Rank: Mod, my rank hasn’t been updated yet
    Favorite thing to do on Club Penguin: Card Jitsu Tournaments

  7. Ninja85456~RPF Major General(Marine) says:

    Club Penguin Username: Ninja85456
    Name on the Ranks: Ninja85456
    What is your rank? Major General (Marines)
    What do you like to do for fun on Club Penguin? i know someone on cp and we would always be on with eachother,but i havent seen him for a long time so i think he quit cp,so now i just go on cp for events

    P.S. i would have commented earlier but ive been with my grandpa in the country so i dident have any internet

  8. jedi4590 says:

    3.Navy 2ic,RPF 5ic
    4.Play multiplayer games and have CP army events

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