RPF, hang tight fight the good fight.  This morning we had hackers in our chat once again.  The chat is on lockdown.  I have reset the chat so we are asking for everyone’s patience as we restore everyone to their proper mod and owner status.  We are checking with the ranks page and all modding and ownering will be in accordance to that page.   If you have issues with your status on rank page, please contact Leaders.  Be honest about your rank please.  Lying about one’s rank is dishonorable and reflects who you are as a person.  Work hard to earn your rank and be proud of that accomplishment.

I must be gone today, but I’ll be back at 10pm PST to owner leaders and high ranks.

For today’s battle, the Leaders will be of moderator rank in chat, so you MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THEM and respect their leading, even as temp mods until I can get back.  Don’t let these hackers cause further chaos for us, stay strong and fight back and win this battle today to show them, WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT.  RPF is the best army, strongest army and we will prove to all that we remain unbreakable even under crisis and pressure.

Anyone who needs me can kik me but I’ll be away from computer until 10pm pst.

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A friend loves at all times. Do what you love and love what you do and always give 100% of yourself.

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11 comments on “Hackers
  1. hefmanrpf says:

    i am temp owner for the day, pc me if u need me

  2. sean says:

    i deserve to be higher in the ranks i love rpf and i go to all the meetings

  3. snaily5 says:

    Btw, the chat was NOT successfully hacked. Leaders see Lilstar for info. Also, before the criticism flies, only 2 people know the pass. I did not give it out to anyone, nor will I.

  4. Snaily, Ceons isn’t a hacker. They admitted to me they can’t hack, and i know exactly who hacked the chat last time, and it isn’t ceons. They just took advantage of you and you’ve continued to abuse your power that you shouldn’t have. None of the leaders want you to even stay in RPF, so you will get guestself power as soon as you come on xat and use it. Someone will probably mod you after, but we have decided you are NOT staying as main owner. If you don’t do that you will force Commando to reset the chat and you will lose all privileges on chat.

  5. Snaily come to chat for a second, I know you’re reading this

  6. snaily5 says:

    PJ, I was kiked out of bed by Elmikey and told what to do. My actions were under the direction of Elm. He was in class and could not get online, so he called for my assistance.
    Furthermore, I’m far away from home right now with only my android. Please stop assuming and making false accusations. Good day.

  7. What false accusations did I make? It’s true none of those people are true hackers. And it’s true no one wants you to stay. Maybe Elm does. But the only thing saving you now is the fact that the troops like you. And NO ONE, not even the troops who like you, want you to stay as main owner. You have more power than a leader. And don’t tell Hef you’re an editor on the site, because it’s probably a lie. If you are, then Commando is mental for giving you that kind of power. If Pain hadn’t been fired I wouldn’t have been surprised if you deleted everything to get what you wanted. You have too much power, so just give it up, it’s not like you’re going to become leader again.

  8. Djgtjvgyhxgy says:

    Guys, no one in armies are real hackers. Stop being pussies and do some reading. It’s not that hard to defend against script kiddies.

  9. Peguin21795 says:

    @ PJ

    It seems to me that in your opinion, patriotism by a devout adviser to RPF is viewed as something immorally unjustified and should be downplayed . You use your charisma to surly those who have beliefs that differ from yours and you use it as a scare tactic to further gain your agenda. This post signifies Snaily’s continuous care and contribution to an army she will work hard to develop within the coming months. Her post relating to a hacking threat this morning only shows how much she cares for this army while on the other hand you use derogatory comments to somehow show she is thirsty for more power within the ranks. Sir, if similar threats occurred, you would definitely have taken the immediate actions to prevent these people from causing grave harm to RPF. Snaily did just that and you immediately criticize for her response. Sir, you have no justification whatsoever and I will be candid to you. You have below abysmal leadership qualifications and the sooner you accept what you did was wrong, the more you can protect your already shattered reputation. Thank you.

  10. jedi4590 says:

    Snaily should be main owner

  11. Djgtjvgyhxgy says:

    Pj, if Snaily was really after more power, she would have taken it already. Keep in mind she has more support from Commando than Elm himself does. She could easily put you all out of the job.

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