Imminent Threat


Things are back to how they were before yesterday so don’t worry. The peoples of RPF stood up and kicked out Lord Pain. Everything is back to normal… Although, our enemies are taking advantage of this situation and are trying to rip us apart. I assure you the leadership is fixed but the Army Republic and other individuals are working together to convince you to leave the RPF, or to “rebel” against us. It all started when Snaily5 stood up against Lord Pain and most of RPF took her side and the rest took the side I was on. I was at a friends house yesterday and came home to mayhem, I’ve resolved the situation and Lord Pain cannot be a part of RPF. Our enemies don’t want to see us  #1 and will do anything they can to tear us apart from the INSIDE. Our Enemies, the Army Republic & several individuals today are trying to start a new rebellion. It’s being formed against the current leadership  – Elmikey, Sir Pj, Red Gush24 & Flappy. The goal of that rebellion is to do damage to the Rebel Penguin Federation. All the drama from yesterday has been fixed and everything’s back to the way it was 24 hours ago. If anyone is caught on a rebellion chat you will be permanently removed from the ranks. The RPF chat is One of my goals for RPF is to bring us to new heights and break CP Army records by reaching sizes never seen before. We have long-term goals for RPF and we plan to make something BIG out of Our Long-Term goals will be explained in more detail in the future. For now we want to have fun on CP and do everything we can to keep our new recruits with us and overall make ClubPenguin Armies more fun for the new upcoming generation that RPF has brought in. I apologize that I am not the best at making post’s similar to Commando’s, Snaily’s & other amazing writers. When I joined RPF many years ago my job was to solely recruit & keep the troops happy and make sure RPF is having fun. I’ve been burdened with many more “jobs” and I do not get any pay for what I do. I’m sorry I brought in Lord Pain without having a vote, this is why in the following days we will have a leadership vote for one of our 2ic’s to become a first in command. I will do everything I can to teach you how to be an all-star CP Army leader. The skills you learn here really do go a long-way in real life. I want RPF to go far and we will go places nobody can begin to fathom. The only way we will achieve our goals is if we stand together now and overcome any threat we may face as an army. I want RPF to evolve and do more than just Club Penguin. We can do it, we just need to work together. I cannot reply to everyone on CHAT this is why I made a “Help” Page so you can comment and I will make sure to reply back to you. I have also just come up with an idea to make an email address that anyone can contact and I’ll reply ASAP answering any questions and to help all troops become better leaders. That Page will soon turn into an Introduction to CP Armies page so we can keep more new recruits so they have a better understanding of the some-what-confusing world of Club Penguin Armies. We hope to make it less-confusing so our new members can have fun and know what we do here instead of showing up to battle without a clue. I want what’s best for RPF, my CP Army Career started with RPF and it will end with RPF. I will always be RPF I always have and always will. I am passionate for RPF and the things we can achieve in the future. Anything is possible my friends. I helped create the RPF and I would never ever go against the Rebel Penguin Federation. Yesterday’s events proved that the people of RPF do have more power than even the President. I’ve learned from my mistakes and so have many others. RPF will stand strong and will always fight the good fight no matter what others may believe. I retired from RPF in Summer 2007 but I always kept it in my heart, If you don’t know who I am I was the First Second In Command of RPF under Commando717, we made the perfect team. I always checked up on RPF atleast twice a year to see how the leadership’s were doing and I’d give some advise. I returned before Summer 2013 because I saw that the Nacho’s were the #1 Army and nobody could stop or defeat them. They supported everything RPF is against. I wanted to change lives for the better and help people and I see RPF as an opportunity to do so as well. Although this is the internet we are all human-beings. This is the first time in human history that we’re able to be connected with one another and make a difference in each others lives and the future of the world.

Fight the good fight

Comment what you think! I didn’t write this for nothing. 🙂

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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8 comments on “Imminent Threat
  1. Max43810 says:

    Well said.

  2. 2001Viper says:

    yes well said

  3. jedi4590 says:

    ya.RPF will be no.1 and we kicked out lord pain.We are the best army in CP

  4. nick32228 says:

    I don’t like the decision tbh. But as long as you keep snaily out of RPF, i’m fine

  5. Hefmanrpf says:

    well said. pain would have ruined rpf

  6. Katie says:

    I so hoped everything would work out. We are a strong army on the outside and should remain strong on the inside! RPF Forever!! 🙂

  7. starboi414 says:

    I don’t really think Pain would have ruined us, but with the way he treated snaily, I sided with her..

  8. hefman says:

    Comment Removed

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