YOU MEANT TO SAY “RPF VICTORY!!!!” I post this to show you that the AR are lying dirt, in this post they claim they “circled berg” and even claimed their “bombs” “overpowered” RPF’s. Okay: Now Watch The Video. All of AR’s “claims” were backed up by purely text and purposely cropped convo’s. At least my proof can’t be denied and shows that you’re lying and most definitely have been lying this entire time. The sherades over AR, you’ve been exposed. Also RPF never even went to Snow Bank at all since we heard that the DW were there defending we decided to give the Air Force more strength and combined the Navy to dominate on Sleet. Also AR Post says you beat us on Snow Bank when RPF didn’t even go there. Oh and I need to note that your unscheduled invasions that nobody even knew about until days later are completely invalid due to the fact that not a single RPF even knew about it. IT’S CALLED 24 HOUR NOTICE FOR A REASON ****NOTICE**** YOU TELL THEM! SOMEONE NEEDS TO “KNOW”! Nobody looks at your dirty ghost-town site so how would we know? Knowing AR you probably logged on CP for an unscheduled event got 6 and went on to pretend you invaded something. 


edit: I took a look at the AR site and they said that RPF had a size advantage cause they were busy in Snow Bank… There was never a battle of Snow Bank RPF decided not to go there & I scouted that server (in video) and I saw no one. The AR knew that RPF was going to make a historic come back and crush the Republic no matter what they threw at us. At least the AR leadership all quit after “winning” lol I wonder why 😉 . This is not the first time. At the start of summer the HSA leader Dx (#1 Army At The Time) unexpectedly retired and quit forever shutting down his army the morning after arguing with me in RPF chat during the AM hours. He told me his army got like 10 applications in a good week, I showed him RPF gets 140-200+ applications per week (when necessary) The HSA shut down after an all-night argument against the founding fathers of RPF. 


https://rpmarines.wordpress.com/ Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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  1. starboi414 says:

    Yeah we totally won. We had bigger sizes even when we split into branches.

  2. IKR!! I love this post. Even though it was in August….of LAST YEAR!

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