Oh was Tuxedo a Ghost Town. About 35-40 RPF troops logged on to capture the RPF capital. It was a successful invasion. Since we were met by no defending force we ended up having a Marines vs Navy & Air Force practice battle after finished invading. RPF showed great size and strength showing off amazing tactics/formations for 15 minutes. In chat during this invasion I said “Perfection at it’s finest” and here’s why: 

This is our CPAC Top 10 Picture: 35+ RPF


Today the Rebel Penguin Federation invaded the server Tuxedo. Since the AR chose not to defend it was very easy to capture the capital. 

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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  1. Lots of fun! Glad I could join to take AR down! -Funnyguy3512

  2. starboi414 says:

    I was there.

  3. superr ninja says:

    sorry i had to miss it i was at dinner very sorry apoligize sorry salutes

  4. kathy8479 says:

    I attended 😉 Tuxedo is now ours again. Great work to all the amazing troops who came!


  5. Sean says:

    im there

  6. nick32228 says:

    Made it. Now wheres my promo (smirk)

  7. 78562¢σσℓ™ says:

    I came

  8. RebelForce says:

    Now I most likely can’t attend battles because school is starting. Anyway, whenever I have time I will advertise RPF and probably the time I can come to battles wil be at 12AM PST or 1PM PST.But I will be active on RPF if its not a particular day, will be on chat, and commenting. Stay strong RPF.

  9. St Ransor says:

    RPF is awesome! 😉

  10. RebelForce says:

    I meant to say that I can only come around 2PM PST. I really dont have much time I can go on the computer.

  11. Sean says:

    Btw my club penguin username is seansam0

  12. NicWin100 says:

    I came! Good job RPF

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