Brief Summary & Message to cpac


The AR claimed that RPF was out of servers, although we weren’t. I really wanted to have at-least one battle against AR when I returned after a 2 week break so ACP gave me a server and other RPF leaders managed to get two more. Now finally AR would stop ignoring RPF so we’d go into battle and defeat them while leadership was hit offline due to most definite Army Republic DDOS Attacks against the entire RPF leadership. AR still lost. It is very devastating when the current “#1” army must use hacks to shut down an entire leaderships internet and still lose. Our next battle was a duo-invasion of Berg & Sleet, we didn’t go into the 3rd server due to intelligence that Dark Warriors were there defending for some reason. But we combined Air Force and Navy so we were beating AR on Sleet by a lot (watch video) during that time I was PCing individual troops to go to Berg and help the Marines. By the time I left Sleet and went to Berg the battle was close but RPF had better/more tactics. I didn’t tell the troops at Sleet I left and quickly after I logged out of Sleet so did all of AR so they could go help at Berg. I ordered Navy and Air Force to come to Berg and we easily defeated AR (see video). The desperate Army Republic claimed victory of the entire war and has been ignoring our invasions in fear that RPF will embarrass them and prove that you can still be #1 while being old-school not using any form of ‘hacks’ or ‘cheats’. RPF’s goal was to achieve sizes of 45-50+ within my 3rd battle which would grow at a constant rate each day throughout the war. On the bright side the entire leadership of the AR will be quitting on Sunday. 😉

Message to whoever made the RPF-Is-Dying-Post-On-cpac: The RPF is in no way dying, we are growing. I admit we have lost significant size over the weeks due to inactivity within my self and some others. Although we’ve lost some size I looked around and as of Saturday 12am 8/31/13 the RPF gets larger sizes than anyone else. RPF can come back at anytime and go from maxing 15-20 to 35-40+ and even 50-60+ when we have time to individually train each recruit one by one ._. Unfortunately it is no longer summer and I cannot spend a lot of time here anymore. Although, I will still do what I can with the little bit of time I have. Just know when you see RPF drooping down to low numbers (which we shall avoid) we are and always will be capable of shooting back up very fast. Also you mentioned the mammoth battles, I gave up on that because no armies were attending since cpac wasn’t enthusiastic at all and when people did login they just danced. CP Armies NEEDS CP PLAYERS!!!!!! Let’s say that all armies actually went to it every day I can guarantee you that any top army could recruit 500+ people in a month if they really tried & RPF 1,000+. That’s 1,500 people I’m very certain that atleast HALF if not a good MAJORITY of them would log on almost every day to have snowball fun and be the best. But I admit the CPAC method of battle is Ok I just know we could be a lot bigger. Everyone needs to get together and revise this style of warfare because if you were involved in any major war you would know that these full-room + 15+ lockouts total isn’t good and do make people quit thus degrading our community. I know some of you don’t get that but when your army is all cp players (like we’re supposed to be cause we are CLUB PENGUIN ARMIES) then you’ll face these types of problems too. Also armies don’t know how to admit defeat anymore which kills the fun when anyone could say they won.  Until then, waddle on! Always – Fight the good fight

Also: If this community has good writers maybe they could make an “introduction to armies” page suitable for all CP Armies to use so brand new recruits can see the full picture at the very start and actually understand what’s going on here… Fresh recruits must realize that there is more to this than going to town and pressing e+p. They don’t understand it and I apologize but some armies just get too many people coming in so it’s very hard to explain to each one what’s going on here. Therefore it’s necessary if our community’s top writers brainstormed and worked together to make a very good page made to specifically teach the ropes to brand new recruits coming into any army. (they are our future, right?) & I do know ALL armies would have a higher success rate at keeping a new recruit. 🙂

(Edit: I dislike making posts, I’m not a writer like Commando and a few others). I apologize if my postings don’t look like it was written by the government. I tell you the truth straight up by now you should know what RPF stands for and if you don’t or you have come to believe otherwise I must tell you that you are wrong. I have helped many people and I know I’ve made this community much larger and better + very entertaining, infact some of cp armies best people were recruited by me in 07 and they’ve made great contributions since then. I know I have touched the lives of many people and done good for as many as I can. So I really don’t care what anyone else except RPF members have to say. And you outsiders make it seem like I ban people for “disagreeing” No. I ban most outsiders for trolling and acting inappropriate. It’s sickening to know that this community is plagued with old-kids that have yet to move on. Do note I retired many years ago and only came back now because RPF really does have a bright future in the long-distance. I have a different mindset than you all, I am from a different times when we didn’t really use xat and people didn’t troll, ddos, dox .. etc My total time present in armies equals a total of 5 months although I did advise RPF throughout the years but I only came on chat maybe once or twice a year. I was the first second in command of RPF and I’m the person who made RPF big. Without me you wouldn’t of ever heard of the Rebel Penguin Federation. If RPF was just a sideline army like most were back then (besides acp & pinks uma) the UMA most likely would have defeated ACP and things would be very different right now and I don’t think any of you would even be here. In 07 I did not post on RPF site due to my dislike of posting, all I did was fight in battle, recruit & train new troops (many of whom went on to be the legends and great contributors of today and past) Commando posted & handled foreign affairs that is all. I gave RPF it’s superpower size back then quote from oagalthorp “I thought RPF had 1500 active” if you’re an outsider you’re probably like (ono) he’s upsessed with 07 … No I am not I just know for a FACT that we can build something that’s 100x better than 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 and 2013 combined. & If you want to be against it that’s fine RPF can do it itself if we must.

Fight the good fight – Elmikey – RPF President, First Second In Command of RPF.

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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4 comments on “Brief Summary & Message to cpac
  1. If you look at the post, it clearly says in the title it’s OLD. Also, Mach said it was a SATIRE.

  2. Elmikey [ʀᴘғ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ] - |2007 Legend| { ƒĩɢɦŦ Ŧɦ£ ɢøøƊ ƒĩɢɦŦ } says:

    I don’t understand why does it say old when they’re speaking about events that happened very recently…

  3. starboi414 says:

    Yeah. I read that post and thought is was a piece of crap. Sure, when we held the daily snowball wars, we were smaller then when we did the Legends cup, But recently, we have been growing rapidly. I mean, Just look at our top 10 picture for this week.

  4. Stop being a douchebag already. We are all tired of it.

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