Staff Meeting

Rebel Penguin Federation Boot Camp

Hey RPFBC staff 😀  Snaily and I have decided to host a staff meeting so we all are on the same page before we officially open up!  This event will take place on our chat !  Here are the things that will be discussed during the meeting:

  • Classes That We Will Teach.  This includes who will teach what class and when we will teach them!
  • Training On CP.  This will briefly be covered with the classes above, but we will decided what we need to teach the recruits.
  • Staff Ranks.  We will discuss who will be what rank.  We will try to have an UK division for the UK troops so we will have to plan accordingly.
  • “Semester” Length.  We will discuss how long each “semester” will be.  For example it might be one month.  After one month those who deserve it will awarded promos.  Then the…

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