AR is Pathetic


Note: AR are Nachos closest Ally.

Edit: I noticed Burr likes to start conversations in Private Chat and cut out the full sentence/convo and paste what you said on his website trying to change the meaning of things you say.

Since we’ve been winning our most recent battles I took a trip over to AR website to see what they had to say. Maybe they would actually admit defeat. Instead they claimed they’ve won the war & RPF is out of servers. I saw that the Army Republic leader “Burr” made a post claiming that they’ve defeated the Rebel Penguin Federation. Here is my reply:

In no way are you close to defeating the Rebel Penguin Federation, we still have multiple servers left. You sat in my chat everyday watching us don’t think I didn’t see you. I took a break and RPF was at a low and you decided to take advantage of that and declared war. I wanted to see how well the RPF would do without me and in fact we didn’t do too bad. After my first week of school I returned and I promised that RPF would defeat and crush the Army Republic. I don’t spend hours of my time finding ways to make my enemy look bad. We don’t go out of our way making post’s on “why we won”. We do not bash you on our website. You were confident of your plan and it has backfired. You know RPF is fighting hard and you’ve come to realization that we’re not a joke or a force to be played with. Our purpose of existence is to stand up to people like you. You’re a big reason why CP Armies have gone to hell and that is the god honest truth. 


I Might As Well Break This Down To Help Make Sense Of AR Logic

Greetings AR & RPF![and others]

As of today, August 17th, 2013. The Army of the Republic has officially declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. We have many goals in this war, but the main goal is to put down the rebellion. Take them out of power so smaller armies have nothing to fear from the bullies of the RPF. [RPF never went after any small armies, one of our main purposes of existing is to stand up to bullying. Ask any RPF member] And we’re going to expose Elmikey’s corruption. [You meant to say “we’re going to try and make people think Elmikey is corrupt”] Taking the rebellion out of power, will definitely help the CP army community [I came back to help the near-dead community and bring in an entirely new generation to armies]. I mean RPF had 4 leaders, and only one of them was Main Owner[Chat was continuously hacked so Commando only gave me the password nobody else] . Is Elmikey scared that they would overthrow him? [I was scared our enemies were sending spies to get into contact with RPF leaders in attempt to hack into their computer/accounts] That’s why you take over the site and take over the chat so you CAN’T be overthrown, or become liked. [I am only editor on site, Commando & I are the only main’s on chat due to heightened security. RPF would never overthrow me I gave them light in May 2007 and a chance to be something big and successful in which they were. I did it again this summer.]  See no one really respects you outside of your 8 year old troops. [I can only count the people under the age of 9 on one hand] We will finish what Nachos should have done, which is finish you off. [We’re still here] I would like to keep this war 1v1, which means no ACP, and no CPPA, seeing as we have treaties with them, I would expect you to honor your word.  You will learn just as ACP did, you are not the kings of the CP army community. [Never said we were]  You will no longer be looked at as good guys [Thanks to the 100% false propaganda], you’re lucky your troops don’t have enough knowledge to know that you are making RPF a dictatorship. [You made this post after I was gone for over a week because I wanted to know how well RPF’s leaders would do on their own. My plan was to make them into All-Star leaders so I could step down from power and move on as I did Summer 2007] I was beginning to like RPF, until you got over your head.  Just be ready on the battle field. Events are only 30 minutes long.


Elmikey, Flappy, I don’t care how much you two rage and argue about our claim of victory being false. [Because it is] We DID win [Some battles], we proved it on this post. We trapped you guys in your own lies, and caught you in the act. [You made up lies and blamed RPF] We provided so much proof of victory. Your troops and owners know you loss [We did lose some battles], and there is a reason so many people in RPF want you out of power. [Because the media & other armies deliberately paint a bad picture of RPF to mislead the public] AR is good at dealing with the most corrupt [Anti-Corruption]. This war will go down as a victory for AR, and here’s why: [Cheat & Lie]

History is written by the victors. [We’re the guys who made it possible for armies to have a future. In 2007 Oagalthorp’s ACP was being crushed by the evil notorious Pink Mafias UMA, they were an army/cheats site which exploited CP and gave the public “hacks” to be used to ruin Club Penguin. About 2-5 UMA’s Rebelled to become the RPF. Leadership #1 of RPF was led by Commando717 & Elmikey and we were up against impossible odds there were only two superpowers ACP/UMA they were so enormous nobody ever thought anyone could become equally powerful. We did. And we did it fast. Within two-three weeks RPF was a super power and we defeated the UMA alongside ACP and UMA eventually shut down. (I) Elmikey soon retired while RPF was still rising, before RPF peaked. We served our purpose. I usually would check up every year or so and this year I became aware of the Nachos tricks and whatnot and I couldn’t stand for it so I returned to RPF. I was advisor and did not want to become leader at all I still don’t. As advisor RPF started to grow and for some reason I just knew what needed to be done so I did it. We soon were powerful enough to take on the #1 army and that we did.] Moral to the story is RPF is here to do good, I want armies to have a good future. Not one of bullying, harassment, hacking and much more. I want this to be a safe friendly community for the players of Club Penguin. The older guys that just sit in chats and waste their valuable short lives need to leave and move on. They’re the ones that have been leading this entire community and man it was in the gutter. They even laughed at you if you played CP. How do you consider yourselves cp armies then? I am here to bring a new generation to CP Armies, and for this new generation I will provide them with a safe place to chat/hangout and play Club Penguin with friends. I never spend my time writing post’s to convince anybody of anything I always say you need to think for yourself. Instead of wasting my time I train my troops, make sure we recruit nearly every day & make sure RPF troops are having fun. Through all the suffering we still win. Our leadership is continuously bullied/threatened & DDoSed especially during battle. What makes it remarkable is that we maintain to pull through and still win through all the attacks all while being 100% honest & legit. Not once has an RPF DDoSed another member of this CP Army community under this current leadership. We play CP Armies the way they’re supposed to be played. With Respect and Honor. Sure you can hit us offline but it’s happened so much during battle that it’s normal to us and we know how to succeed. Through the suffering we fight no end in sight. CP Army community, everything we do it’s for you. It’s sad if you believe otherwise.] – fight the good fight 


Also Flappy, please don’t tell me to go hang myself. [you’ve said worse] (Yes, he actually told me that in private chat. LOL) :lol:[Hmm I wonder what YOU said/did to provoke him]

Hello AR[and others]. In this post I will not only be celebrating AR’s official victory of the war[Although RPF still has servers] but I will also be detailing why. [Because the RPF have come-back on us and we know we’re going to lose all our future battles & RPF will continue to grow each day] This war started out in a landslide for us, but then when Elmikey returned, it started evening out as expected,[:)] however he still wasn’t powerful enough to take down AR. [Yes we are you chickened out and claimed RPF is out of servers so you could ignore our invasion] I expect RPF to rage, ignore, and cry over this post, but whether they want to face the truth or not isn’t up to me. These are just the facts. [lies]

Extra Edit: With our invasion of Sleet and Cleansing of Breeze, RPF now owns 0 servers.[I don’t recall any of this, is this recent? Also we have other servers besides those. No RPF members or leaders were ever aware of this.]

RPF’s invasion of Toboggan is invalid as well. An army can’t invade another army with only one server. [We have well over two] Not to mention we had already previously ran RPF out of all their servers,[no you didn’t but I did retrieve a server from an ally and other servers so you wouldn’t ignore RPF & we would could crush you in battle, as we did.]  and agreed to give RPF one last shot.[To realize they’ve come-back full force and at this rate AR would lose the war]  This war has gone on too long. Neither army ever surrenders. [Both sides surrendered] I admit, there were some closer battles that I didn’t give RPF as much credit as they deserved, so I’m not completely innocent, but seriously RPF. You guys could get 3 soldiers on Club Penguin who didn’t know how to even do a tactic and you guys would find a reason you won. [You just took what we said yesterday word for word and added it into your post] You create random rules in your favor, then abolish them as soon as the rules work against you.[We abide by the rules] Your own soldiers know AR is winning the war, AR knows we are winning the war, and much of the community knows we are winning the war [Indeed you did win more battles than lost, but the tides turned the other day and you know you’re on a losing path.] and for that we are deciding to end the war when it’s at it’s truest state, before things just get any more pathetic. [Before RPF embarrasses us and defeats us in more battles]

I post videos of battles for a reason, Pictures lie. Pictures are made to make the enemy look bad. My videos are made to show how the entire battle played out and prove RPF had better sizes, more tactics, more formations throughout the entire length of the battle. The War is still on and our invasions are valid you have not defeated the Rebel Penguin Federation. We are still here. We will continue to fight you on Club Penguin until you’re no longer a credible CP Army. 

@Burr I also laugh at you because you made up excuses to end the war so you wouldn’t have to meet us in battle. Burr, a few months ago I said in RPF Chat that you’re a sorry excuse for a leader and you’re a good reason why cp armies have been in a dark hole for all these years. 




We’re rising and we’re rising fast. We’re doing a great job let’s keep this up. To succeed it takes the effort of EACH and EVERY ONE of us. Even YOU. RPF Troops: You’re all the future leaders of CP Armies, you are the ones who will be here when we’re gone. We count on you to keep RPF alive and functioning. Each one of you need to take matters into your own hands so we can grow. This is an army effort, not just the leaders. I am very proud of all of you and I know we will continue to grow, have fun and learn together for a very very long time. I hate doing post’s but I decided this is important. Leave a comment and I have many ideas for the future to make RPF better.


About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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10 comments on “AR is Pathetic
  1. Loyalty(Kwi3) RPF 3ic Marine Leader / UMA Commander says:

    Exactly AR, PERIOD!

  2. Vo..Yo..||..RPF..Warlord..3ic..||..RPFBC..Teacher..|| says:


  3. starboi414 says:

    Wow AR is just sad….. Elm you did a great job of making all of their posts realistic. Army Republic thinks they will get away with this. Hahahaha they won’t….

  4. Baseball1043 says:

    Cant wait for you guys to die

    Elm Edit: This is exactly what I’m talking about, I’m trying to make CP Armies better and bring in a new generation of people so armies will have a future. But people like you are against it for some reason.

  5. Flaperlump says:

    I approve of this message, can’t wait for it to become public on CPAC (if) so everyone can see what is really going on.

  6. ҠΣѴĪ∏ says:

    There’s something wrong if Ar claims they defeated us because we don’t have any servers. How d we get servers? We have to invade. Ar’s logic is that we can’t FIGHT because we have no servers. Well, Ar, now that we have servers we can beat the ghost out of you. And the funniest part is that ‘server’ is your capital.

  7. TheDude says:

    AR is wack, RPF is definitly the good guys compared to them. It looks like they were just trying to say that they defeated a big army while it was down, all because RPF made enemies standing up for what it believes in.

  8. TY1996 says:

    @Voyo, I know this is kinda out of the blue, but what do tarts have to do with anything? “retarted” huehuehue

  9. Test55235 - RPF Forever says:

    A bunch of jokes in these comments: AR(Army Retarded) you mad bro? AKA Are you made bro?

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