Battle VS AR 8/23 Results:

Photo of RPF at the Stadium taken by Lil Star 100

Photo of RPF at the Stadium during the Battle taken by Lil Star 100

Yesterday RPF logged into Klondike to battle the ghosts (AR) again.  This battle had basically no fighting between the two of us, and we basically never came into contact with each other.  We mostly practiced tactics. We currently don’t know if we’ve won the battle or not because there are lots of arguments going on over who did in fact win, because of that fact neither of us really fought each other.  It is likely a tie between RPF and AR, or a loss for RPF. There are no photos currently but RPF had a full chat. IF YOU MADE IT TO THIS EVENT COMMENT BELOW TO RECEIVE YOUR PROMOTION!

If you have any photos: If you’re added to the site, just add them in. If you are not added to the site, PC someone who is added to the site to edit them in.


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11 comments on “Battle VS AR 8/23 Results:
  1. Vo Yo says:

    I attended

  2. LilStar says:

    I attended! I’m gonna take lots of pics at today’s battle 🙂 – LilStar

  3. ar won this battle cuz rpf failed to follow ar to every room and rpf were defenders and ar were ivnaders rpf suppose to follow ar ar won abmonibal

  4. Test55235 says:

    I attended this battle. AR was so dumb, they never showed us where to go. They are a bunch of cheaters. *wary* We won anyway.


  5. slymask11 says:

    I came

  6. roggy83 says:

    I was there for Thursday battle.

  7. Andy says:

    AR does not want to confront our formidable forces. That’s why they just evade and retreat through the rooms. It’s a tie. =/

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