New Xat avatars

Hey RPF!

A lot of you have the RPF avatars designed by Commando717 when you go on chat. However, recently a lot of people have asked for new avatars, and that’s exactly what I’ve made 😀

These avatars are fairly simple, saying “RPF Troop”, “RPF Member”and “RPF Mod”. You’re welcome to use these, but please use the correct image. For example, if you’re not a moderator, don’t use the “RPF Mod” avatar. Well, here’s the images:

I have also made one for leaders, so Red, Elm and Flappy please contact me on chat if you’d like that. If you prefer Commando717’s avatars, get them HERE

I hope you like the avatars 😀


Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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8 comments on “New Xat avatars
  1. PupleXFlames says:

    im probaly may use them

  2. snaily5 says:

    Great idea! Thanks for doing this for our army. 😀

  3. Andy says:

    Great, but I have one of my own!

  4. Steven says:

    how do you get one of those avatars!?

  5. Immam-Abasi Ikiddeh says:

    I have the RPF troop picture.

    St Ransor


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