The Reason RPF Fell


I’ve noticed RPF is hosting lots of “Parties” and sorts of things that we really don’t need to be hosting. Many troops in RPF are abusing their power, if someone happens to have a different opinion than the opinion you have, it doesn’t mean they are disrespecting you. If someone just simply states their opinion, they’ve done nothing more than state their opinion and should not be punished. Our drop in the top ten is all because we keep posting pictures of RPF getting 15+ at unscheduled events. Unscheduled events don’t really matter enough to be posted about unless we’re reaching 30+, but otherwise it doesn’t need to be posted about. CPAC sees that we’ve dropped through these posts and uses them in order to bring us lower. If RPF takes pictures at important events, like all the upcoming wars there are then we keep our higher up spots in the top ten. 

I’ve also noticed that we are recruiting at the chats of other CP armies. Those armies have complained to us, and those who are doing it have been asked to stop doing it, but have obviously not stopped, and seriously better stop. We ban troops for recruiting at our chat, and so do 95% of other armies, so why should we go around breaking a rule we’re so fond of? Recruit at Club Penguin Tracking chats, not ARMY chats. This could cause us to get into wars, or cause our allies to place us as enemies. This can cause us to go into war. If we are in other wars, it can take away focus from the main RPF war which is currently against AR.


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One comment on “The Reason RPF Fell
  1. PupleXFlames says:

    its important (i guess not)

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