Penguin Names!


I’ve done posts like this in the past that have proven to be very fun, interesting, and funny.

We’ve all been here and we’ve all done it at least once in our life.  You come to Club Penguin and create your penguin. However, how did you choose the name of your penguin?  Why did you choose that particular name that became symbolic of who you are in CP armies?

So, as a fun, entertaining post, I’d like everyone to tell the origin/ story behind their penguin name.

Copy/Paste below:

Name on xat:  

RPF Rank:  

Penguin name in CP:  

My story:  

If you would like to do more than one penguin, go ahead. Let’s have some fun with this!

signature advisor rpf


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24 comments on “Penguin Names!
  1. snaily5 says:

    Name on xat: Snaily5

    RPF Rank: Advisor

    Penguin name in CP: Snaily5

    My story: I had just had surgery and was very depressed. My sister Yoangelyo, from AR, wanted to surprise and cheer me up with a penguin of my own so while I was recovering I could have fun. She named it Snaily because our mom calls me Snaily Gaily since my name is Gail. She tried a few numbers and the first one that was available was 5. Therefore Snaily5 was born. 😀


    RPF Rank: Marines Lt. General

    Penguin name in CP: Ueityhtak & Leskaths

    My story: It’s backwards lolol & Leskaths… I adore France and if you get some French, you’d get it means many Kathy’s O.o


  3. tony romo401 says:

    so much fun hopefully we can do it again

  4. mrchip124 says:

    Name on Xat:tax1
    RPF Rank: 2ic/3ic
    My story: Tax1 is epic. Its a 4 digit penguin name.If you reverse it its 1 xat backwards. Tax1 was orginated by my buddy Ross. Now thereforce lives Tax1 *dramatic music plays*

  5. briansteven999 says:

    Name on xat: Test55235

    RPF Rank: Senior Master Seargeant

    Penguin name: Test55235

    Story: My brother made a Testing account, so he named it Test55235, and both of us usually have 55235 in our names. He later gave the account to me!

  6. name on xat: Siг Jorđaи [◘] ★τнuиđэгiиaŧoг★ [◘]    ✖Black swagger✖

    RPF rank: air force,major genral

    Penguin Name on Club Penguin: Roman2885

    my story: Error 404 no story found

  7. Xat Name: RookieOfRpf/Blake/Vdmman

    RPF Rank: Airforce General/1ic

    Penguin Name: Vdmman

    It was the year 2007, I was seven years old and I started to become interested in computers because of computer class. I really liked penguins, so I searched up the word “penguin” and found clubpenguin on the 2nd page. I created my name and decided to call it Vdmman because of my embarassing last name that is dutch. Since then, by my friends, I’ve been crowned as “the only kid I know who doesn’t have numbers in his clubpenguin username.” I wear my name proudly as every other RPF soldier wears theres. I am proud of my clubpenguin name and army!

  8. Flaperlump says:

    ℱℓɑ℘ɛяℓʊღ℘•1ʂт ƈℓąṡṣ Ƥҽттყ ʘƒƒɪƈɛʀ•ℵɑ۷ʏ

    1st Class Petty Officer…Navy


    I am the oldest sibling in my family, being 13 years old and my younger sister two years younger. We both have very distinct personalities and interests, I like rock she likes pop. I play the violin and she dances jazz. I’m brunet and she is blonde. I’m more down to Earth and calm while she is optomistic and bursting with giggles. Regardless by age, looks or characteristics people confuse us as twins WAY too often. So whenever we have the chance we sometimes finish eachother’d sentances or act in unison just for a reaction. And then, we found out about Club Penguin. Immediately we joined, and we began thinking of names that are almost identical and even sound the same. I came up with the first part, Flaper because of the penguin’s arms that I used to refer as ‘flaps’ and my sister came up with lump because of her strange obsession with adding ‘lump’ to the end of words. I wasn’t surprised that the name was available, but to this day people sometimes refer to me as ‘Lump’.

  9. 78562¢σσℓ™ says:

    Name on xat: 78562cool

    RPF Rank: Warlord

    Penguin name in CP: 78562cool

    My story: Well, back in 2006 when I made my penguin I had no idea as to what I should name it. So I just started pressing random somewhat sequential numbers. And at the time I though I was “cool”, so of course I added that part in my name. And hence 78562cool was born 😀

  10. Name on xat: Kaneh Kwi3

    RPF Rank: General

    CP Name: Kwi3

    My story : Long story short , I was 10. I love to eat kiwis and they taste the best. I drink them, eat them, and also buy things smelling like kiwis. Example , shampoos , soaps, gum Lolz. I don’t know if its a fruit or vegetable XD but its my favorite fruit…vegetable…whatever. Anyways in 2010 , my bros and sis quit playing CP. One of my oldest brother chose weed and beer instead. And my sis chose to be mature. So I was like the only one to be interested to play CP. I asked my dad If I can play cp, so we started signing up. CP was in 2010 version so we chose what name I wanted. We were thinking for a long time actually. But then he said I liked kiwis. So my cp name was gonna be kiwi, but it was taken. So we named it Kwi3. That was how I got my first penguin. I have been playing cp for 3 years. But. I stopped in 2011 then continued playing in 2012. Alrighty, that’s it troops. My whole story about Kwi3.

    Can’t wait to hear about you troops story . Good luck.

    Ps. Snaily, your awesome!

  11. slymask11 says:

    Xat name:slymask11
    Rank:Airforce Technical sergeant
    Cp name: slymask11
    Story: One day I was playing sly cooper 4. I heard of these things called slymasks I was supposed to collect.I thought it sounded cool so I made an account and I got slymask11 that is the origin of my penguin.

  12. PinkFloyd56 says:

    Name on xat: Scarlet|PinkFloyd56

    RPF Rank: Senior Airman

    Penguin name in CP: PinkFloyd56/Scarlet RPF

    My story: Alright, here we go. So i used to play clubpenguin when i was younger, me and my best friend were hooked on it. But around 2009, i moved from new york to Kuwait (it’s a place in the middle east, feel free to google) and i stopped playing for various reasons. Since 2009, i’ve developed anxiety and depression, became anorexic/bullimic, started cutting my self, all of that horrible stuff, and it really really hit me hard this summer. So one day at 3am, i was like ”hey, remember the good old days when you used to play CP?” so on a whim, i rejoined with a new penguin name. I named it PinkFloyd56 because I love pinkfloyd, they’re one of my favorite bands, and 56 because that’s sort of my ”calming number” i guess. Whenever i get an anxiety attack, I have this thing where i’ll count really slowly until i calm down, and for some reason i’ve always felt calmer when i’ve reached the number 56. So yeah. That’s how PinkFloyd56 was born!

    And About Scarlet RPF, well when i was little, everyone used to make fun of my name, and i’ve always felt really bad whenever someone used to call me scarlet because, for some reason, i felt like they were going to make fun of me. (weird, i know.) so now, absolutely no one i know calls me by that name, not even my parents. And i felt really comfortable around you guys, like whenever i get on the RPF chat, i feel different, like no one would judge me. So i went out on a limb and started using my real name on RPF! And the RPF part is for obvious reasons, lol.


    lmao i’m sorry this was so long and so in depth btw.

  13. Vo yo says:

    Name on xat: Vo yo

    RPF Rank: RPF NAVY Admiral 2ic

    Penguin name in CP: Vo Yo

    My story: Well, it all started when my cousins from England visited us back in 2006 (im not sure, but my penguin is 2200 days old approx.). One day, my brother and I saw him play a cool, amazing, colorful game on the internet. My brother just ran to him and ask him about the game. Then he created his own penguin. Thats when i discovered Club Penguin (PS I kept a distance from them cuz i was shy.). The next day, i quietly tried to make my own penguin on CP. I filled out all the info except my cp name. It took me some time my i came up with a name. THE TERMINATOR. Before i clicked ok or whatever button, my cousin came. He said thats not a nice name. So randomly, he changed my name alot, first he tried YOYO, then YO YO but he finnaly came up with VO YO. THE END

  14. Starvsblack2 says:

    Name on xat: Rebel Pikachu

    RPF Rank: First Sergeant [Marines]

    Penguin name in CP: Starvsblack2

    My story: well when I first started club penguin in 2011 not long ago mind you my friends at school said they all had accounts so I wanted to get an account I had a name thought out perfect but when making it I forgot the name I wanted so I thought a while then made up another name I was thinking of Moshi Monsters because I used to go on there and my monster was called Star so that’s where the first bit of my user came about but I don’t know how the ‘vsblack’ came from the reasons there’s a 2 because when typing my parents email in it was so small I didn’t notice I typed it in wrong so I was meant to call myself Starvsblack but I didn’t think putting a 1 there sounded right so that’s how Starvsblack2 was made.

  15. seanpaul08 says:

    Name on Xat: SeanPaul08

    RPF Rank: Warlord

    Penguin Name: Sean Paul08

    Story: My Penguin name Sean Paul came around at the time Sean Paul, the singer, released “Temperature” & 08 came from Dale Earnhardt Jr’s # in Nascar.

  16. snaily5 says:

    Omg, the stories of the origins of your names are so fun and interesting to read! Don’t worry about your story being too long, it’s all good. I’m really loving these! Keep submitting them please. 😀

  17. Sean says:

    Name on Xat: Seansam0 [RPF_Senior_Airman]

    RPF Rank: Senior Airman

    Penguin Name: Seansam0

    Story: Well Seansam0 is made because I have a brother, Sam, We we’re thinking a name for our first account so I thought of my name and Sam’s name, so our username is made like this “Sean+sam “. Then later we add a number, a 0.” Sean+Sam+0″ So that’s my username for my first account and my other accounts for something else.

  18. starboi414 says:

    Name on xat: starboi414

    RPF Rank: Chief Warrant Office (marines)

    Penguin name in CP: starboi414

    My story: well, when i was 8 years old, my nickname at school was “The Star” cuz i had a ton of friends and everybody loved me. And i though i was a boss back then so i spelled “boy” wrong. and the 414 was my old house number. i used it so i could remember it.

  19. Andy says:

    Name on xat: Andy

    RPF Rank: Lieutenant Colonel (Navy)

    Penguin name in CP: Gulmarg

    My story: It is the place where I led my first snow trek! It’s in India, and CP reminds me of that place. That’s all!

  20. Hefman says:

    Name on xat: Hefman

    RPF Rank: fleet admiral

    Penguin name in CP: Hefman

    My story: when I was six I couldn’t think of a name, so I did my initials H, E, and F and added man at

  21. chaoticpaper says:

    Name on xat: Procrastinator Morg
    RPF Rank: Was Brigadier General, now Chief Warrant Officer
    Penguin name in CP: Taffy Pengi
    My story: I was thinking one day of name to choose, so I asked my dad. He is from Wales and Taffy is a welsh sweet ( I was addicted to sweets at the time ). Pengi is just a shortened version of Penguin, so I made my name Taffy Pengi ( translates to Sweet Penguin )

  22. jedi4590 says:

    Name on xat:powercoolking
    RPF Rank:Navy,6ic
    Penguin name in CP:Jedi4590
    My story:I got confused to keep a name and after thinking also i was not able to decide so I just presses j,e,d,i,4,5,9,0 and it unknownly made the name jedi in starwars,I do not know star wars before knowing Club Penguin.This is my story.This is a bit weird is not it?

  23. DevaPathCP says:

    Name on xat: It4chi

    RPF Rank: Former RPF air force major general

    Penguin name in CP: Smelly7709


  24. Melvin 505 says:

    Name on xat: Melvin 505: Corporal

    RPF Rank: Corporal

    Penguin name in CP: Melvin 505

    My story: Found the name “Melvin” on a site that generated Harry Potter names. Still looking for it to this day

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