Leader Rank Changes


I have added a Second In Command rank and there are now only two Leaders. Flappy has been demoted to Second in Command. Sir Pj is now UK leader & Snaily5 has been placed in the advisor rank due to inactivity, she will be leader again once she’s back.

RPF Troops! We have a training this Friday make sure to attend. Each branch will be competing in this event! 🙂

Also, if you visit RPF Chat and someone asks you to join a different army make sure to report that person to an officer or leader.


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3 comments on “Leader Rank Changes
  1. Flaperlump says:

    I can’t wait for the training, go Navy!

  2. snaily5 says:

    I missed Monday’s event and Wednesday’s event because I was out of town taking family members to doctors appointments. I did get online and actively participate in chat, supporting our troops who are abused and upset, and post on the site. I made it to Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday’s events as well as actively participating in the chat. I’m shocked by your continuing decisions and actions Elmikey. We need to discuss this ASAP please.

  3. nick32228 says:

    Elm can you turn off protection in chat? When it asks me to play that game thing and when I complete it, it asks me to sign back in. When I do so, it brings me to the same page.

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