Clearing Things Up

Pj Edit: To those of you who don’t know, my account, emails and just about everything else was hacked. I’ll be back once all of this has been sorted out.

Since 1-3 of you have the intelligence of a frog(lol) let me explain this to you again. Nobody was demoted you’re all doing a great job. So let me explain this the best I can: I moved everyone down on the ranks page because allthe lower/middle ranks were unfilled. So instead I’d rather have the high ranks unfilled so people can work their way up. If you thought “oh em gee I was 2 ranks away from officer” you still have the same chance you did before to earn that. Some people were highest member rank and I guarantee you that they were never going to become officer.

RPF is not about getting a symbol in a chat box, it’s about having fun and growing as an army/community and anybody can help. 

For example: if you were the highest member rank in the Marines you still are. The same people that were below you are still below you and the same people that were above you are still above you.

Please only contact a leader or owner in the case of emergency, if you have a question private chat an officer they will be happy to help. You’re lucky to be in a cp army where the owners/officers actually are willing to help and care about you. Especially in an army of this size.

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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3 comments on “Clearing Things Up
  1. pinkypups8 says:

    Elmikey, I was banned on the chat, and the hacker told me to shut the hell up. I was trying to explain to the mods that the hacker DEFINATELY wasn’t you, and now I’m banned forever on chat 😦 Well, I hope they are feeling sorry now. By the way, I think the hacker is CeonZ. Owenjp said he was gonna get him to hack yo. I was really worried about it. Maybe it was owenjp who called them??

    Elm Edit: Owen can’t do anything he’s a very young kid that doesn’t know a thing, and that was me telling you to shut up.

  2. nick32228 says:

    Pinky,I banned you and that was elm. You annoyed him a ton. We warned you so many times and you just wouldn’t listen. You deserved that ban. Next time try not to manage to make elm mad please.

  3. pinkypups8 says:

    1. That wasn’t elm, that was elm hacked.
    2. Elm never says ‘Shut the hell up’
    3. that ‘Elm edit’ isn’t elmikey.
    4. Elm is kind
    5. What is the point of me writing a bunch of junk that you think is gonna be lies?

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