The Tournament Crunch

RPF, now is the time, our time.  The day has come for us to take home the gold, the grand prize of winning the Legends Cup Tournament today.  It’s not about the xats or the trophy, it’s about the prestigious sense of pride and the right to say we won the whole thing!  We represent the many generations of RPF that came before us and will fight in their honor as well as our own to prove to everyone, RPF is the best army in Club Penguin.

The Doritos and Nachos are wanting the prize as well and will put up a good fight, but RPF, an army of motivation and determination,  can taste the gold and we will crunch them and take the bite out of those stale chips.  We will stand together as a strong army, RPF brothers and sisters and fight to the end.  We will not tire.  We will not weaken.  We will not flinch.  RPF is fearless.  So bring it on Doritos and Nachos because RPF is here to stay baby and we are #1!

So join me and our other RPF leaders in making history.  All RPF Personnel are required to participate in this battle, full force and speed ahead and report to battle stations at the appropriate times.  This is going to be great!  This is going to be the battle you’ll never forget!






A friend loves at all times. Do what you love and love what you do and always give 100% of yourself.

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2 comments on “The Tournament Crunch
  1. Kwi3 says:

    Those chips should be fresh for us to eat in the Finals for us , RPF soldiers. Nachos…blehh….Doritos…mmm….Both together….Not worth it to win the finals…RPF deserve this for our hard work 🙂

    ~3ic Marine General~

  2. We already won even without fighting 😀

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