Planning for the Legends Cup Finals


Hey troops! Click read more to read this post, and EVERY RPF soldier must read the very last part in the p.s. section.

As you probably already know, we have our Legends Cup finals battle TOMORROW! This is the most important battle in the history of RPF, and EVERYONE must attend. And yes, there will be promotions :D. So, to help us win this, I have made some plans for what to do in the battle.

We have to battle each other army for at least 20 minutes of the battle. That means we need to know what room the other army will go. So we will have some spies on Nachos and Doritos chat, so we know where to go.

Next, we have formations. Nachos will probably do their 3 line formation again. So, we need to completely overwhelm them. We should circle them in whatever room we are in, and if we are large enough, form a line across the room, cutting into their formation.

The black line is us

If the nachos form a circle, we should either form an ‘X’ or stand on their circle and ruin the tactics.

The Doritos however, are unlikely to try the 3 lines formation, and will probably go for a circle. If they do this, once again, we should form an X or stand in their circle

And remember, you MUST check chat constantly or you could miss a tactic. No going afk unless its an emergency, and if there is a formation, don’t just stand there, GET IN IT!

This post was meant to give you an idea of what the battle will be like. These things might not actually happen. The battle is 40 minutes long, and you MUST stay on for the whole time.

p.s. This is the most important battle in our 6 year HISTORY! Tomorrow, when we win that battle, we will ALL be remembered as heroes. We will march into that battlefield as soldiers, and leave it as legends. All who attend, you are our greatest soldiers, and we will reward you with promotions.


Proud Ice Warriors 2ic. Former RPF Leader and Legend.

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13 comments on “Planning for the Legends Cup Finals
  1. Penguin13681 says:

    That’s a great plan sir! And I will not let you down! Oh and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT

  2. Penguin13681 is actually me and I’m not lying

  3. That’s a great plan sir! And I won’t let you down!

  4. starboi414 says:

    those tactics look sweet.

  5. Kwi3 says:

    Out of the whole events and the other battles in the Legends Cup Tournament, this is actually my first time being nervous and scared..especially the Nachos again….RPF…you gotta come..

    ~3ic Marine General Kwi3~

  6. jtzink says:

    What a very original post, definitely not copied from the nacho site.

  7. @jtzink Why thank you. xD. I only just noticed nachos posted that, the owners had already discussed this last night

  8. Ultipenguinj says:

    Time to eat some chips!

  9. snaily5 says:

    Yes, watch for orders in chat to ruin every formation possible and for us th make the best formations possible. Everyone must attend, we must dominate and we will win! These other armies will being every single person they can get into their events throughout the cp army community to try to beat us, but we won’t. We stand tall, we stand as one, the best army ever, RPF. GO RPF!
    See everyone on the battlefield!

  10. Jediknight57 says:

    Well what can I say, tommorow is going to be some packed fun 😀 I can really well see that the war is going to be massive with alot of details! I can’t wait to leave some Doritos and Nacho crumbles!

  11. If we dont get 100+ tomorrow, Elms gonna cry

  12. icey fran234 says:

    Time to kick some grass XD

  13. St Ransor says:

    I cant come but that sounds a good idea! We could have air forces from the planes in star wars.

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