Wars are Necessary

For those troops who are thinking “Oh no, another war?”, wars are necessary and wars are fun.  Wars are what keep our community of amazing people having fun, being involved, communicating with one another effectively, and making great contributions to this game.  Wars are where heroes and legends are made and necessary changes happen.  Without wars, we would have no purpose and no armies.  Wars are fantastic times to immerse yourself into armies and Club Penguin and make the most of yourself while having a great time with friends.

Wars can break armies apart or bring armies closer together, making them stronger, stable, most successful.  In this past Nacho war, we brought Nachos to their knees and strengthened RPF to becoming once again, a force not to be reckoned with.  We have the best, closest troops who express enthusiasm and loyalty like no others.  We have the best combination of leadership with a common vision and ideology for RPF and CP armies.

RPF, we stand for what is right and what is good.  We use our strengths to assist others in need, for the good of all armies.  We set an example of what a true ally is to other armies.  We are role models and we will stand as one and keep setting the standard of excellence for all to follow.

Therefore, we will engage in another exciting, thrilling war!  We are at war with the Dark Warriors and we will bring darkness upon them WHEN DARKNESS FALLSRPF will not stand for their atrocities in CP armies and against our smaller ally SWAT.  We will stand tall and fight hard.  We fight side by side and…



So, polish your buttons, your combat boots, assemble once again your mighty RPF uniform, service your firearm and be ready for war because DW is going down, down, down!


This is it RPF, this is war.

Snaily RPF leader


A friend loves at all times. Do what you love and love what you do and always give 100% of yourself.

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4 comments on “Wars are Necessary
  1. Peaches 505 says:

    amen! 😀

  2. fun fun 503 says:

    FOR RPF!

  3. funkycoh says:

    So your saying were bullying swat then why are you bullying it makes no sense and its just damn right sad that you care about this we didnt start a war on swat because of their size this has been building up for for a long time

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