Contest Reminder


RPF, just a reminder to hurry up and submit your entries (up to 3!) for the funniest outfit contest I am sponsoring.

The Deadline is Friday, August 9, 2013 at 11:59pm

The requirements are that you are an active member of RPF and that you submit a link of your player card with you standing next to it without a background.  You can submit links to a maximum of 3 different outfits you’d like to have considered in this contest.

Here is a really funny, unique submission from our very own Ally/Mariutamd!  The possibilities are endless what you can do RPF!


Great job Ally/Mariutamd!  Thanks for the laugh.

If you have not submitted your entry yet, you may submit the link to your picture on this post.  I will be going through both posts and creating a new one displaying all entries for everyone in RPF to vote on.

Remember, the winners get 25 xats each!  

There will be a winner in both MEMBER and NON MEMBER categories.

Copy/Paste below

Penguin/xat Name:

RPF Rank:

Member or Non Member:


So, everyone continue having a fabulous time in your inventory and enter this great contest, showing off your stuff!


Snaily RPF leader


A friend loves at all times. Do what you love and love what you do and always give 100% of yourself.

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5 comments on “Contest Reminder
  1. ALIEN Books Corporation says:

    Dear Elmikey/Rebel Robot,

    Um, I have found CP Name ‘Coralreef833’ to be joining the Water Vikings. She said that she was gonna steal info from us. She needs to go! Really!


  2. snaily5 says:

    Thank you for this information!

  3. ηι¢кσ¢ρ ● ωω ℓєє∂υя says:

    Hi Snaily it’s me, I need to talk to you. I’m away this weekend but I have internet so it’ll be hit and miss if I get to talk to you but at some point I need to talk to you so yeah when will you be on chat over the next few days?

  4. Andy says:

    Items used: Pharaoh Head and Hand Item, Stealthy Shades, Prehistoric Zebra costume, Ski feet item, Bass Drum
    Theme: Prehistoric and Modern Pharaoh
    Items used: Blue snorkel, Yellow Scuba Feet item, Amulet fish costume, Sushi tray, Rainbow clown hair, Prehistoric necklace 😛
    Theme: Sushi-eating Fish
    Items: Red Dragon costume, Halloween head item, Superhero mask, Brown Flip-flops, Green Scuba Tank and Skateboard
    Theme: Adventurous Dragon

  5. snaily5 says:

    OK Nicko! Can’t wait to see you. Come find me or I’ll find you. Either way…:D

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