We Stand Resolute

Our war with the Nachos has already passed over the horizon. It is over, done. We fought hard, we fought well. We fought to the end. We as men might be done, our very souls weary from conquest and fighting. But war…war never wearies. It never ends. It just comes back in a different form.  So soon after our last conflict, war has returned to us in the form of threats against our allies: ACP and SWAT. Many of you will ask why we should help ACP after they left us behind to fight the Nacho war alone. The answer is simple: We are NOT the ACP. We are the RPF. So we will not do the same as the ACP did. We will march our armies to their defense. UMA stands against the ACP. Our oldest nemesis against one of our greatest allies. But UMA does not stand alone. AnotheR dAngeR lurks in the shadows, waiting for the time when it cAn stRike. And on another front, the Dark Warriors wage war against our SWAT allies. This war we fight today has two fronts. A beast with two backs. A hydra with two heads.  Alone, we are spread thin. Luckily, we are not alone. We have allies, allies of great strength and number. We looked for hope in places others deemed unworthy of their pompous glance. And where we looked, we found hope. We found hope in the form of the Club Penguin Pirate Army, Soda Pop Army, and other assorted armies. Though alone, any of our armies would be spread thin, combined, we are more than a match for the forces that oppose us. My message to UMA, DW, and the other threats that lurk in the darkness is this: Prepare for war. Not just any war, but war with the United Freedom Coalition. We are the trickling stream that carves the canyon. We are the whisper-breeze that wears down the stone. We are an unstoppable force that will not quit until our allies and their nation’s are safe once more.

Gear up troops, because we’re in this for the long haul. Make friends with our new allies. Become brothers. Fight the Good Fight.

Stand Tall or Not At All

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8 comments on “We Stand Resolute
  1. james says:

    i would like to join the rpf my penguin name is poop7023
    i would like to be a Marine
    and i will try to come on the site everyday

  2. Aww yall like SPA? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. »||ѕaρρєя||« says:

    1 problem right there Chaos might not be helping any more 😦

  4. starboi414 says:

    that was epic

  5. snaily5 says:

    Yet another astonishing post from Justin…WOW! Keep’em coming 😀

  6. snaily5 says:

    Justin, put tags on the post, as many as you need that are appropriate. Remember to do this on all posts 😉

  7. Ultipenguinj says:

    I found the secret message.

  8. Kwi3 says:

    I agree, Let us RPF Soldiers Stand Resolute *salute*

    ~Lt. General Kwi3~

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