Eventful Week! Legends Cup Finals & Practice Battle Against WV


Hello RPF make sure to check the event schedule located on the “event schedule” page so you don’t miss any events. I’m going to write down the names of those who attend the scheduled events, if you don’t show up I promise you will not be getting a good rank when the branches are released. The current ranks page is also being deleted. We have a practice  battle against the Water Vikings on Wednesday at 1pm PST I expect everybody to attend. RPF has scheduled events everyday. On Saturday, August 10th at 12:30pm PST  we will be fighting in the Finals of the legends cup tournament. All Members of the Rebel Penguin Federation must attend that event. It is the most important battle of the year. If you don’t know your timezone they are all listed on the Event Schedule Page. 

Regarding Promotions: I do realize some of you haven’t been promoted for a while now, it will all change and the ranks will be updated every day once we have the branches released. I am going to make sure they are finished and released by this Sunday. I plan to make RPF more competitive and fun. 


https://rpmarines.wordpress.com/ Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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2 comments on “Eventful Week! Legends Cup Finals & Practice Battle Against WV
  1. starboi414 says:

    im pretty sure ill be at the ledgends cup. other days i got football sorry. and nice events page!!

  2. aw man i cant attend the lc i goota wake up early to go to tampa florida. im coming back from dominican republic and it takes a very long time for me to get back there. it takes 4 hours just to get to MIAMI. then another hour so i can go back to tampa. by then it will be 3:00 or something, and i realize i just missed the lc. 😦 so really i cant attend the lc but the others i will. but not on school time though because i get out from 5:00 and other events are at 3:30 >.< so im just saying that

    -Fire Flicker 4101 out!! 🙂

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