Today the Rebel Penguin Federation logged on Tundra to defend from an invading Nacho force. I was hit offline during the start so I lost communications, thanks to Rebel Commander Flappy we were still able to follow the Nachos when they moved to the Forest. The Nachos moved 8 minutes after the battle was supposed to start.  At the Forest the Nachos were overwhelmed by RPF’s superior tactics and sizes. The Nachos soon retreated to the Ice Berg, they had a 30 second head start. When I figured out where they went the RPF immediately moved to the Ice Berg. The Nachos were once again overwhelmed by RPF’s size and perfect tactics. After a moment of RPF’s chomping the Nachos logged off Club Penguin and surrendered. RPF total size of 50-55+








Fight the good fight. reopened RPF 2018

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25 comments on “NACHOS RAGEQUIT!
  1. X says:

    we totally won!! 🙂

  2. Victory is ours once again 😉 That’s quite a shocker that they surrendered though. I thought the Nachos would’ve put up a fight instead of giving up this invasion. Well I gotta hand it to them, they know Tundra is ours. Yeahhhh haha we win!


  3. X says:

    i know
    the nachos usually don’t surrender that quickly. WE WON! and yet again, I came for fun excitement and…..PROMOS! Good leading Snaily5, Flappy, and Elmikey!!!
    Hope u come back soon LORD PAIN! 🙂

  4. Test55235 says:

    I came. They lost so quickly though. Could it be the ddos’ng of the PR? Test, your RPF member

    Elm Edit: Somebody threatened me to give up my powers on chat or else I’d be hit offline, I ignored them. Nachos lost quickly because RPF ate them.

  5. I attended. They lost too quick. Thats a little strange for the nachos. They may be up to something. We should keep a close eye on them.
    -Officer Vdmman/Rookie Of RPF

  6. This was one of the most unexpected battles lel. They actually SURRENDERED. Idk about PR I just ignore them. Maybe the nachos are finally falling apart. I mean we’ve been eating nachos for like over a month, shouldn’t they have run out by now? xD

  7. thepurplesil says:

    I attended!You can see me in all the pics!Those Evil Nachos Fail again!Fight The Good Fight!

  8. Vo yo says:

    I came. Really short battle. lasted like 10 min. Great victory RPF.

    – Vo yo (RPF Colonel)

  9. Jediknight57 says:

    I came! We toatally owned those nachos! You should’ve seen their size!

  10. Xeilic says:

    I made it! It was an easy win. I mean, 15-20 mins after the battle and they surrender? That’s not what I expected from the Nachos. I thought they would put up a 45 minute battle today, but I guess I was wrong. Oh well, we did our best and pushed the Nachos to their limits and that’s all that matters, right? We can win this war!
    ~ Xeilic

  11. Sir Jay says:

    Super awesome battle 😀 its fun

  12. Beeky128778 says:

    We uh, we ragequit? Seemed like Edd made a pretty anti rage surrender to me.

  13. kkabc123 says:

    As beeky said, Edd was pretty mature about surrendering. Maybe RPF should try it sometime.

  14. fun fun 503 says:

    we own cp

  15. LilStar says:

    YAY. Congrats RPF. *hula*

  16. Teigan says:

    Hahaha I like to see it when the nachos surrender and yet again they did, and they rage quit they crumbled just like you said they would, you said you have a amazing feeling about today and your gut instincts were right we KICKED THEIR ASS!! Congratulations RPF! We made it happen yes we made the Nachos surrender they bow down to us just like the rest of them will muhahah! P.S Elmikey…. Did you get my pictures I private chatted to you!? I sent you so many but you haven’t seem to have uploaded them on here, oh well we did great! #FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! #WHEN DARKNESS FALLS #PUCKLEY IS CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Teigan RPF

  17. snaily5 says:

    Excellent job today troops! You were attentive, patient, and ready to move when the time came. We have a winning combination between our outstanding troops and leadership.

  18. snowflake 92 says:

    It was quite shocking that the nachos actually surrendered. Are the nachos finnaly going to give up this war?

  19. Azncutegurl7 says:

    I was at the war! 🙂 Great job

  20. Irtiza says:

    I attended the war!!!!! But how easily the nachos surrender?

  21. Andy says:

    Superior tactics and paramount circle formations!


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