We Are A Rock

We are a rock. And from the Nacho’s point of view, we are also a hard place. The Nachos are stuck between our massive army. Our daily events wear them down, our morale towers over them, and your dedication to this army takes their breath away. Each day we fight. Each day we defeat or defend against the Nachos. Yes, we have had losses. But our triumphs vastly outnumber our defeats.  I know that you all grow tired of this war. I know you are weary of our daily battles with the tyrannical Nacho Empire. But you are soldiers, the best soldiers, and we must soldier through this. If we can all hold out through the constant warfare, the Nachos WILL crumble. They are an empire made up of foodstuffs. We are an entire Federation of Rebel Penguins. Rebels liberated the colonies from Great Britain, which controlled 2/3rds of the world at the time. Rebels overthrew the French Monarchy. Rebels freed the slaves. Rebels freed the Philippines.  Throughout all of history, it has been rebels that have brought the greatest change to the world. Rebels fight for good, and they do not rest until that good is law. Nachos are fried tortillas with melted cheese on them, a food invented only recently to fuel the ever-growing percentage of obese Americans.  From that standpoint, who should reign victor over this war but us, The RPF? Look at it another way: The Empire was the evil force in Star Wars. It was defeated by the REBEL alliance. Just as in Star Wars, the Rebels (us) will defeat the Empire (Nachos). In Star Trek, it was the Romulan and Klingon Empires that stood against the United Federation of Planets. In all modes of media and life, it is the empires that are evil, and the rebels or federations that stand against them. So too must it be in Club Penguin. The Nacho’s are evil, and we are a Rebel Federation. We must stand against this evil, this tyranny, and destroy it.

So when you are growing tired of this war, when you are weary in battle, remember. We don’t just fight this war because we want to, we fight it because we HAVE to.

Stand Tall Or Not At All

“I’ll eat when I’m hungry, I’ll drink when I’m dry, and if whiskey don’t kill me I’ll live ‘till I die.”

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11 comments on “We Are A Rock
  1. NicWin100 says:

    First! Nice post btw!

  2. X says:

    aw man
    i thought i was first

  3. PinkFloyd56 says:


  4. snowflake 92 says:

    Nachos are really stuck between a rock and a hard place. They cant back down now! I wonder what evil tricks they will pull now?

  5. Ultipenguinj says:


  6. Beeky128778 says:

    Totally a ripoff of my post.

  7. Teigan says:

    Yes sir! I stand tall as a Recon Gunnery Sergeant far away from your position the army but that dosent matter Rebel Caddet or President you are one of us and everyone fights for freedom but not the nachos they fight to have the last win but they certainly will not with us around they started the war with the Empire vs The Rebel Federation and now they think they can just cheat their way through it HELL NO *WE* wont let them we will fight for our Freedom our Army our Planet and most of all our Legacy! – #STAY STRONG SOLDIERS! #WHEN DARKNESS FALLS! #FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! – Teigan RPF

  8. TheDude says:

    HOORAH! RPF is clearly the good guys!

  9. LilStar says:

    What an awesome title for a post LOL “We are a rock” Truly inspiring. We will continue fighting the good fight for as long as we can until we defeat evil .

  10. snaily5 says:

    Another fantastic post! Let’s keep going RPF because I’m not feeling tired at all! 🙂

  11. Kwi3 says:

    Wow Justin, Awesome post you made! Especially your Motto , “Stand Tall or Not at All”

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