Officer Changes


If I don’t see you ranked as an officer on the RPF ranks you cannot be moderator in RPF chat, If you aren’t an officer anymore and you were it’s because you are inactive and don’t show up for scheduled events. If you’re still an officer rank you are doing a great job!

For new RPF members I want you to leave a comment on this post saying why you believe you’d be a great officer in the Rebel Penguin Federation. Most won’t be accepted but if your comment sticks out and we know you’re perfect for the job then you may just become an officer in the RPF. 

Comment must be at least a few sentences long and we need to know how active you can be. 


Fight the good fight. reopened RPF 2018

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16 comments on “Officer Changes
  1. Test55235 says:

    I believe that I will make a Great RPF Officer. I will promise of not abusing and I will treat people nicely and will have fun events like FASHION SHOW! or a CJF tourney. It would be an honor to be an officer and a party of the RPF! I wish everyone good luck! 🙂


  2. I believe I would make an excellent officer. Since I don’t have to work at an autoshop for the reast of the summer, I will have lots of free time on my hands, and I know I will be spending a LOT of the time here. Probably everyday for 6 or more hours! I do have experience with helping people and being a mod, but that was on Minecraft. Believe me, so many people did not know the commands and I had to teach them. I have been playing CP for over 3 years, I like all the people in the chat, and I want to moderate/help out. I am also determined to take down the nachos alongside my allies in war. Thank you for your time!

  3. Hank 101 says:

    ELM I AM PERFECT FOR IT I AM ALWAYS ON I AM A GOOD RPF MEMBER AND I REALLY LIKE RPF CHAT. i also can spy on the nachos because they like me there and don’t ban me so if i could be mod i will be forever in your debt. 🙂


  4. Hank 101 says:

    i have more more to add. i am good at ending fights and i am very good at helping people i have been playing cp since 2006. i also have experience in leadership and i am good at being fair and reasonable. i know no one really likes me on chat (nor off chat) but if i were to get mod i would try not to start fights and be nice to people i will give people warnings if they have broken any rules and i will teach new members about rpf and how rpf works. i know i probably wont get mod because you don’t like me but i always try.

    Makenzie/ Hank 101

  5. hadger1 says:

    I should be an officer because then, I could successfully ban all of the RPF troops.

    i mean what

  6. nick32228 says:

    I should be an officer because I have a lot of EXP in armies, and am very nice, as a lot of RPF know me very well. Also please note that I was demoted for apparently being “inactive” and “not showing up to events.” I feel very disrespected since I have been on chat every day for hours and I go to ALL events.

  7. Sonicboomesp says:

    I should be an RPF officer because I am very active during events. I recruit 24/7 and I follow RPF’s orders. I go on the chat every 24/7 and I will prefill that promise no matter what. So please, I will be very disrespected if I don’t become an RPF officer. I want to apply for an officer.

  8. Amalia 16 says:

    I’ll be great officer, because I’m very active(I’m on chat and cp everyday). I recruit 24/7 and follow only leader’s orders. So please, I’m pretty sure, that I will not be officer if I type just text like this, but I’m going to apply for an officer -.-

  9. Thepurplesil says:

    I’ll could be a great officer in RPF,because I’m very active on chat and in battles!I attend 3-4 battles on week and I am on chat almost everyday!And i respect other people opinions!Also,my Penguin has 2310 days,so I know CP very good!

  10. bquikishere says:

    I think I should be able to qualify for an officer because unlike most of these kids, I don’t rage and my rank is actually suitable for a bump up to an officer and moderator rank on chat. I also believe that most people will enjoy me as a moderator because I don’t kick members for blasphemous reasons and I generally get along very well with the main populace.

  11. Justinbronze says:

    I give bquik my vote of confidence.

  12. Teigan says:

    Hello Elm, this is Teigan speaking I have been here for 2 weeks I guess that’s new right? You have recently promoted me to Recon Gunnery Sergeant and i’m 1 rank away from moderator but anyway to the point… I feel I would make an excellent soldier in RPF! I love to help others and I have recently helped leaders such as yourself and Snaily. I’m very active I come here everyday and attend to every battle. I’m only 11 and i’m a girl but I think I have the strength inside to have what it takes. I may be young and sometimes that’s the disadvantage in becoming a soldier in armies but hopefully you will see where i’m coming from here unlike most people would. So yea! That’s all I have to say really for this sort of “audition” I think im already in RPF but I just thought it would be a nice idea to comment on this anyway. P.S please reply if I am already in RPF seeing as I have done so much lately! – Teigan RPF

  13. Vo yo says:

    Hi, im Vo yo and im 14 years old. I have been in RPF for more then 1 months. I believe i should deserve the officer rank( i could start with low mod if you want). I am currently a recon gunnery sergeant (almost a mod) and i attend a lot of wars (if you dont believe me, you could check some of the war videos).. Even if i cant attend the scheduled event, i always visit the website for news daily. Also, I would like to help others, especially new recruits along their way in RPF. Despite being an officer, i already helped someone register on xat and it was a success (true story). Also, i always keep an eye on chat. i always warn someone if they are going against the rules, but since im a member, i dont have much power. If you ever make me an officer, i would keep the chat safe for younger players.

    Finnaly, if you allow me, i would like to recommend someone else for officer rank and that would be Teigan (aka Benjamin9472,) because shes a good soldier, active and nice to all.

    That would be all. Fight the good fight

    -Vo yo RPF

  14. Ultipenguinj says:

    Since I have had camp the past few weeks, I was inactive, but now that camp is over (thanks to my toe injury), I can make more battles. How many events will there be during the USA school year?

  15. Tankhobo says:

    I don’t really care about being a officer. I just want to make rpf the best it can be, and I believe i can help with that. But i cant be on 24/7 and i wont be able to make every event but i will try my hardest. So you don’t have to choose me to be a officer, but please consider this post.

  16. Tankhobo says:

    P.S. My CP name is Jackson1858

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