I wrote this for RPF when I was 13


Credit to Cewan for saving this onto his wordpress when he was starting out as RPF leader many years ago.

This was written around 2010/2011

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Edit: (Sorry the grammar was bad I wrote this a long time ago when I was 13)

How I found/Joined RPF

It started out me being in uma uniform since I wanted to join the uma because it was just the thing to be back then I guess lol. Well anyway I went on the server mammoth the center of clubpenguin armies and I just happened to walk into the Nightclub in the town and i see commando and his friends dancing around recruiting rpf and I told commando I wanted to join. He right away told me my rank in rpf and I would see him occasionally on cp. So about a day or two later I was looking at the uma wordpress and decide to look up “Rpf wordpress” and I put my email and name in the post and commented Hi or something. After a few short hours I received an  email from Commando saying “Elmikey is it really you?” and thats where it began.

Before the rise of RPF

It didn’t take long for RPF to become well known but at one point we were starting out like any other army since you don’t just “Explode” overnight. Commando and I became pretty good friends over the internet we would talk for hours through Aol mail which I wouldn’t recommend doing with random people over the internet but it was all good. Anyways RPF was quite a small army but not for long. I had good recruiting skills and I still do for some reason and I also have great leading skills and I have always liked war games and watching war movies it was just my thing. So I message commando one day saying I’m going to go recruit people for rpf (since we only had like 10-15 members already) So what I did is I just basically camped in the Town advertising “Join RPF” and before you knew it you will see people start gathering around saying “Whats rpf” “how do I join” and at the time the CP filters would allow me to say “Google rpfrulers.wordpress” without getting filtered. So after hours of recruiting we got LOTS of new members and most stayed and were active and are still here today as leaders.


After many more days and days of advertising and recruiting RPF and I don’t mean recruiting as you guys do today probablly getting 1 or 2 members if you are lucky. I mean when I recruited people we filled rooms the whole town will be pretty much full of people wearing RPF uniform thats what you guys dont understand today. If we got everybody left to do a “Last stand” recruit we will get soo many members you have no idea and if we can possibly get through the filters to advertise the website just say “look up rpf clubpenguin” will get us huge again just nobody believes me I’ve been told so many times you cant bring back the past but it happens everyday throughout history! RPF was made to be fun! It was fun at a point. It was fun to recruit it was fun to sit on the chat page and keep refreshing until somebody posted even clubpenguin used to be fun! Well in other words my recruiting was a huge success. I even send commando on one of my first days of recruiting me alone filling the iceburg with people in RPF uniform and many left but lots stayed in rpf looked us up found our site and joined. I remember it was early because at the time i didn’t know how to edit pictures in paint and i would just send raw blurry screenshots to commandos email and after all the countless emails he was amazed. In no time I climbed up the ranks and we just decided to make 2ic for me.(:…. RPF was at it’s biggest point in Summer vacation of 2007-2008/09. I say this because the xat chat replacement of the Chat page on the site would be full of people. We had 80+ people on during the day and people were on 24/7 so it was NEVER empty. This is mainly due to the success of RPF recruiting and the beginning downfall of the UMA since alot of our members were at first UMA in the first place. Im also sorry I don’t have dates for alot of stuff because clearly 4 years ago was a long time and I am writing off the top of my head and im having no help since the RPF website is currently down. If everybody knew how much it would help to just even once a week to have EVERY member of RPF just stand out in the town like in the middle not even at the bottom next to the chat bar like I seen and just spam “RPF” and spam look up rpf would be so great. During the time we had a huge amount of armies we went to war with UMA and won. At this time I lost my rank as 2ic due to me telling Rocket ems he can have my rank while im gone for a month. I pretty much never got my rank back and rocket disappeared shortly after having my rank once again taken by someone else (sadly I don’t remember who lol) So i was pretty much left in the dust and controlling such large army is NOT easy and it would get stressful managing the chat. My Job wasn’t to make posts or schedule wars  that is the leaders job but when the leader is not around I was the leader and it is not easy but with commandos skills at the time and me RPF was becoming unstoppable we were on ACP’s level at the time since ACP has always been the biggest army.

The Fall of RPF

Shortly after me leaving RPF forever I would hop around once in a while to see whats going on like I’ve always have. At my random look arounds I noticed “Fun Ranks” something commando came up with and commando pretty much tore this army down in 2009 I have no idea why he came up with such things and another thing that wasn’t at all any help to RPF was different Branches which the only successful one was The airforce. I’ll Just note what I believe ruined RPF since obviously I wasn’t active enough to watch everything that happened.

– Fun Ranks, Branches, Bad leadership, Commando being stupid, Trying too hard to make RPF like the United States Government and so on.

I am going to stop writing now and will add more and more and more and more and more later since right now I don’t even feel like writing anymore after looking at everything I started Fall.

Sorry for my ranting in some spots its just thinking about all the time and work I put into this go to waste. RPF is all about Fun and some people forget that even myself and I know alot of us grew out of clubpenguin but alot of people still play that game and since disney took it over their really is no point at all of playing it exept for wars thats why I think we need to try again at making armies for call of duty (Ps3 or Xbox) we did it before it was called RSF and we raped. I still talk to “Flameboy” on skype and we still play cod together and have been for years same with my other friend that I met from flameboy that he met on clubpenguin, we even go on webcam together text eachother and talk daily and play together daily since 2007.

So pretty much rpf was worth it because I wouldnt be sitting here right now and I wouldnt have this great of an experience and met all these cool people without you guys and all this work because face it you dont know if walking into the nightclub on a random server in clubpenguin can have this much an effect on you (;


Fight the good fight. https://rpfwinners.wordpress.com/ reopened RPF 2018

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10 comments on “I wrote this for RPF when I was 13
  1. yuriandropov says:

    Looks like you were very anti-Commando back then.

  2. Elmikey [ʀᴘғ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ] - |2007 Legend| { ƒĩɢɦŦ Ŧɦ£ ɢøøƊ ƒĩɢɦŦ } says:


  3. Teigan says:

    That was so inspriring and an amazing story and to be honest it almost made me cry Elm, haha especially the bit where you ran on a random server just walked into the nightclub and met somebody has made this big legacy of yours, I hope for you to make more of these as they are truly great memories and you should treasure them. 🙂 – Teigan RPF

  4. LilStar says:

    LOL This is an awesome post.

  5. Vo yo says:

    Nice memory. You should conserve it.

  6. Max123 says:


  7. Max123 says:

    I enjoyed reading this

  8. X says:

    Good story.

  9. Ultipenguinj says:

    And that is the story of how RPF came to be…now I know my history.

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