You’re Our Only Hope

You’re Our Only Hope

A story by Justinbronze

Dark times were already upon us. Every day brought a new battle with the Nachos. The world looked on at our war, wondering who would prevail and who would fall. While we gazed at our enemy, planning our attacks, Darth Herbert and his Galactic Empire gazed at Club Penguin, planning to conquer us all in a single, swift, unseen attack. Had it not been for Princess Leia, a penguin princess of a planet named Alderaan, he would have succeeded.

It was late in the night that the RPF command base in the capital of Tuxedo received a video transmission from far off in space. It was a penguin named Princess Leia from a far off planet. She warned that the Empire conquered all of the galaxy. All, that is, except Club Penguin. She spoke of the vast Galactic Empire and it’s power. She spoke of its leader Darth Herbert, and his strength. She said that she would soon be captured, and that it was up to the RPF to team up with the Rebel Alliance and fight for a free Club Penguin and a free Galaxy.

Scouts from the Lighthouse and Mountain Top reported that the Empire armada was clearly visible and getting closer. Scouts from the dock reported that Rebel Alliance ships had landed. So much news in such little time. But the RPF could handle the high-stress situation brought on by the last-minute emergency. The RPF was made of Rebels, and tough ones to boot. Anything the world threw at the RPF, the RPF threw back harder and faster, and with a smile on their face. Troops were called from all corners of the globe. Legions upon legions of RPF soldiers were loaded aboard Rebel Alliance ships and sent to Tatooine to combat the Empire’s Stormtroopers. And those soldiers fought with all their heart and soul. No longer were they fighting the Nachos for a free Club Penguin. Instead, they were fighting the Galactic Empire for a free galaxy. Much more hung in the balance now. And the foe on the other end of the balance was immensely stronger than the Nachos. Each Rebel soldier fought with such skill and valor, it was as if each individual was an entire army. One RPF soldier could take out scores upon scores of Stormtroopers.

While the Rebel Penguin Federation fought on two fronts, trying to liberate Tatooine and topple the Nacho dictatorship, The Galactic Empire and it’s Death Star drew ever closer.

Now it’s a battle for life and death. The entire galaxy and all it’s inhabitants must rely on the Rebel Penguin Federation to defeat the evil Empire. The survival of Club Penguin lies in the hands of the RPF. You, the RPF Troops, are our only hope.

Only time can tell who will win, The Rebels, or either of the Evil Empires (Galactic and Nacho). But the question for now is………

Will you Fight the Good Fight When Darkness Falls?

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6 comments on “You’re Our Only Hope
  1. Sonicboomesp says:

    Yes sir. I’ll fight the good fight when darkness falls because we cannot let ourselves down. Instead, we can defeat the Galactic and the Nachos for good. Remember, we can always fight the good fight. It’s our only hope.

  2. snaily5 says:

    Awesome…totally awesome!

    May the force of RPF live within all of us! 🙂

    Love it Justin ❤

  3. LilStar says:

    XD Awesomeness

  4. Teigan says:

    I will FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT against the Evil nachos and the Evil Empire! I will fight for the safety of cp lets go troops lets go!!!

  5. pengiepong says:


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