The Future to Come

Greetings RPF,

I realize that I was the main person leading the battles tactically and getting troops online. Looking at our results today I’ve noticed a decline in RPF troops. Once I have returned thats when this war is really going to pick up. We are going to annihilate the Nachos and permanently become CP Warfare number 1 power. I have a strategy up my sleeve on how we are going to win this war. I know the weaknesses of the Nachos and I know how to defeat them. RPF hires the best, and when they hire me thats exactly what RPF got. I can assure every soldier in this army that there lies unlimited secrets behind the mind of Lord Pain. The Nachos arrogance has all but pushed me, a normally quiet leader, or so far I have been (for RPF) over the edge. The Nachos have questioned our power for the final time. I already know we have the legends cup in the bag, as I will be here for the final battle for sure and I know the round against DW is already as good as handled. I’ve been leading and studying armies since 2009 I know the weaknesses and strengths of every existing army in this community, as I’ve led the majority of them. The armies I have not led I have observed and studied. The blind arrogance and the Nachos automatic assumption for victory against any army has finalized my decision on their utter destruction. From this point forward I want all of our divisions active, USA, UK, and AUS. All shall be active, we are going to obliterate the Nachos with forces from every timezone. Specific plans will go into order upon my return. For now leaders, you must use sirenhorns to log the troops on. You must log on CP 15-20 minutes before the battle. You must do tactics one after another REPEATEDLY with NO pauses. You must not hesitate for a second when battling on CP otherwise the enemy will take advantage of the time you give them. DO NOT REPEATEDLY THROW SNOW BALLS, DO NOT REPEATEDLY TYPE “WHEN DARKNESS FALLS” DO NOT REPEATEDLY TYPE “RPF RPF RPF RPF” these tactics are NOT effective. Form line formations IMMEDIATLY in every room, DO NOT REPEATEDLY CHANGE LINE FORMATIONS. When performing j-bombs only after the j-bomb should a new line formation be formed or the original line formation that was used upon entering the room should be used. When this war is over the Nachos Empire will be left a pit of destruction. All of their most important servers will still be in our hands. RPF leaders, FOLLOW MY LEADING INSTRUCTIONS. They will lead you to victory. Bait the Nachos in rooms, DO NOT FOLLOW THE NACHOS THE ENTIRE BATTLE. Regroup, and attack the Nachos with the full power of RPF. The RPF will never stop Nachos, not until you give in to our terms for an unconditional surrender. Nachos are the past, RPF are the future. Let this be your warning, as you have challenged Pain, and consider this post your death warrant. Let Nachos be warned, let all armies be warned. RPF FOREVER.



Fear my Power, bow to the might that is Pain or be destroyed.

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2 comments on “The Future to Come
  1. Elmikey [ʀᴘғ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ] - |2007 Legend| { ƒĩɢɦŦ Ŧɦ£ ɢøøƊ ƒĩɢɦŦ } says:

    Just cause you said that I’m going to make sure we throw more snow balls.Troops hate tactics they’ll quit. We want to chant RPF RPF RPF RPF RPF and throw snow balls. We always have defeated the enemy with superior tactics before you while mixing in snow balls and rpf rpf rpf rpf cause it adds fun. You’ve been brainwashed by these new armies. RPF sizes did not drop at all infact we did better today than the previous battle even with our leaders being ddosed.

  2. flappy112 says:

    You’re brainwashed by the new CP army ways along with CPAC’s main judgement. I agree tactics are good, but word tactics are even better. They are very clever and can be very effective when used correctly.

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