Message to all CP Armies


The Rebel Penguin Federation founders came back to RPF two months ago. We’re on a mission to restore Club Penguin armies to the greatness they once were long before most of today’s army leaders even joined cp armies. Recently we declared war on the previous #1   (Nachos)  army because they thought they could get away with war-crimes, so many I can’t even list them all. They cheat, lie, hack, and even threaten/bully people/armies. All so they could say they’re #1 on a top army list. -.-

Nobody would stand up and fight against them because all those who tried failed and lost everything. I came back to RPF and the Nachos were the meanest bullies around, they stomped all over us while we were starting to come-back but they didn’t who who they were messing with. The Nachos raided our capital on a daily basis just to taunt us, they raided all of our events with followbot causing us to cancel 2 weeks of scheduled events thus ruining our fun. Our troops looked forward to battles and fun events and the Nachos ruined them. They threw everything they had at us and then some. We did not forget.

The CP Army community seems to be split, half Nacho supporters and half RPF supporters. Each side believes the other is lying.

Now ask yourself: Who do I think Is lying? The Warfare pioneers? or these noob Nacho leaders?

All members of CP Armies must check out these posts from Commando717 (Warfare Pioneer) (RPF Founder) (Guy who stood up for whats right)


Fight the good fight. reopened RPF 2018

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2 comments on “Message to all CP Armies
  1. hadger1 says:

    Quick question: Do you have any proof that we’re the bad army that you make us seem like? Being at number one for a long time doesn’t make us a bad army.

  2. Teigan says:

    We never said being #1 makes you a bad army we said your leaders have been lying to your for a long time and have threatened CP central to put Nachos as number #1 otherwise they will do something bad blah blah blah and your army cheats and I have proof because recently it was a battle against RPF vs AR and your leader Edd who was a NACHO I repeat a NACHO helped them to try and defeat us when it wasn’t his war and we still beat them so theirs something for you to think about and come back when your comment makes sense please we don’t like nacho crap all over our blog 😛 – Teigan RPF

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