U.S.R.P.F  – President Elmikey: 

Attention RPF I am here to report some breaking news. Today the Nacho Empire faced off against the Dorito Army in the legends cup tournament. The Nachos were defeated. The Doritos defeated the Nacho Empire. The Nachos have been knocked out of the tournament. Last week the Doritos were ranked #8 on Club Penguin Army Central, Nachos were ranked #1. 

Here is a quote from the Nachos site We’re Coming for you @ CPA Central


Well this is it RPF, darkness has officially begun to fall on the Nachos. During our next Nacho invasions I expect all RPF to attend so we can finally throw these stale Nachos in the trash.

Edit: The Nachos are back in the tournament in a redemption match, they are facing off against WV. I don’t think its right that the Nachos get to redeem themselves because they lost fair and square. 

Starting Monday we are going to give the Nachos a pounding, they will never recover. Do you think they’ll be able to redeem themselves during next weekends tournament?

Comment what you think!


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  1. Baseball1043 says:

    Ya Big Time (wary)

  2. Teigan says:

    Yes I agree they will get smashed to pieces *AGAIN* as they admit defeat running away crying into their defense bunkers muhahaha you nachos will fall again with all our force coming out you like a missle! WE ARE NUMBER #1 FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!! 😀 – Teigan RPF

  3. hadger1 says:

    Here’s the thing: People were upset because the battle was extremely close. Two judges voted for Doritos to win, while one judge voted for us to win and one voted for a tie (and it should’ve been a tie since both armies maxed about twenty-five). People were upset because while Chaos and another army both made it to the next round after battling each other, with three of the four judges voting for Chaos to win, our battle and the battle after ours were closer in votes than the battle in which both armies went through. Another thing that should be addressed is uniforms. DCP and the Nachos have similar uniforms. Because of this, the Nachos were told to turn red, but obviously, not every Nacho turned red, which definitely caused confusion as to who was a Dorito and who was a Nacho.

    You also have to understand that the result is based on votes from judges. If I were a judge, I probably would’ve voted for a tie. I going to bring back the uniform issue: it probably confused the judges.

    You had to experience the battle to understand why a lot of people felt like the Nachos didn’t lose “fair and square.” It would be like me not going to a battle or seeing any pictures but assume that RPF lost the battle. It would be a stupid assumption because I hadn’t experienced the battle.

    By the way, I don’t think it’s right that you guys use autotypers to recruit and even encourage your troops to do so. 🙂

    Elmikey Edit: Nachos say that about us yet they were the first to do it and all armies do it. Also the room cap is about 55, Nachos had 40 logged in DCP 50+. They both had equal amount of members in the room. Clearly DCP won. DCP won fair and square Nachos use every excuse in the book just about each and every time they lose.

  4. Jediknight57 says:

    Through our big fists they won’t recover from such horrible hit 😀 They won’t know what hit them!

  5. @Hadger1 DCP maxed 30+ and Nachos maxed 25. Doritos got 40+ during the pre-battle and I’m not even exaggerating the numbers. It was also your leader’s fault that not all of you turned red. Also if you think RPF using autotype is cheap, must I remind you that Nachos made fake pictures last summer impersonating Mchappy and Capn to get the upper hand during the Nacho/ACP war?

  6. Hahaha Nachos are seriously falling apart. Losing to an army ranked #8? Get your game together or you’re gonna die in our hands you pathetic nachos. This is what you get for being the evil bullies that you are. RPF is gonna take you off from #1. We fight the good fight & won’t allow you to saunter around with those swollen heads of yours, with cruel ways. No more ganging up on RPF troops and harassing 9 year old kids that don’t do any harm to you. Enough hacking, cheating, lying, and being such low-lives. RPF is going to make things right, and we’re going to WIN THIS WAR!


  7. Andy says:

    Let’s give ’em the final crunch, throw those stale maniacs into the trash!
    I’m ready for NACHO FEAST!
    DCP won fair and square, since they had 40+ and Nachos could manage 25 as an average count.

  8. i dont wont to hear a single rpf OR nacho saying we lost because puck wasnt their.It was a pretty close call.IN THE PRE BATTLE THEY MAXED 40.The pre battle doesnt count.The largest the nachos got was 30-35 i beleive.The redemption round is only because i heard some of the judges were actually scratching their head after.It shouldve been a tie because we both averaged 25-30.Im not trying to suck up to the nachos but they are still the number one army in CPA and will be for a long time.
    The rpf thinks that everything is fun and games with the nachos but listen up.ITS NOT.We did not weep and cry for a redemption.Everyone raged and thats all.Qoute blue one before announcing the winner he said “get ready for the rages.”So once again we didnt lose because puck wasnt their or they were bigger than us because they were not.And we didnt beg our butts off for a redemption.if you have a problem with it,go drag your butt to blue1 about it.

  9. Elmikey [ʀᴘғ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ] - |2007 Legend| { ƒĩɢɦŦ Ŧɦ£ ɢøøƊ ƒĩɢɦŦ } says:

    Um. Nachos threatened to raid all the CPAC tourneys if they didn’t get another chance & You’re not even number one RPF is look at cpac you typical Nacho.

  10. @Bowser1231 As a former Nacho third in command, Nachos DO rely on Puckley all the time. The only reason why Nachos may have looked like they got 30 (not even 35, you’re exaggerating the numbers) was because the mixed up colors which Nachos were too stubborn to turn red. Your comment also made me laugh, I couldn’t tell which side you were on until the very end. We all know CPAC does like to favor some Nachos at some points such as making them number one for a very long time, and RARELY do they vote that Nachos lost. Even though it was close, the judges thought that Nachos lost by just a little bit in this round. Deal with it, you lost. You guys were just lucky that Blue added a redemption round.

  11. your lucky rpf is still alive @cul8rsl.You never admit defeat or anything.Such as making up lousy excuses.Remember the day the chat was filled with Pain im tired and Pain for craps sake gives a break.Well thats called being a sore loser.Im not being a sore loser im just putting in my input.At least our leaders have guts to tell us we need to better next time or we werent strong enough.I respect all rpf and i would like all armies to come to a peace but obviously thats not gonna happen until pigs fly.So comments like mine an hadgers are just gonna happen until peace is made with at least our two armies.Oh yes you are right about the puckley suck ups.At our training camps we are working hard and simutaniously to think that puckley will be gone one day.We understand that now but some of us dont.So please dont blame every single nacho for it.Once again i dont mind rpf at all.I dont mind doritos at all.The only thing i care about is having fun which i hope everyone is having.And if i hurt anyones feelings in the past or right now im sorry.


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