Victory on Snow Fort

Greetings RPF,

Today we have claimed the first victory out of many future ones against the Nachos. The battle lasted over an hour, and we dominated throughout it. We completely crushed the Nachos without a single shadow of a doubt. Many lost faith when I came into power. Today once and for all I have proved that they were wrong about me. This is the beginning of a new RPF golden age. Prepare yourselves for the ride of our life RPF. Click “read more” for the pictures of the event. RPF achieved over sixty on CP.


RPF vs. Nachos2

RPF vs. Nachos3

RPF vs. Nachos4

RPF vs. Nachos5

RPF vs. Nachos6

RPF vs. Nachos7

RPF vs. Nachos8

RPF vs. Nachos8

RPF vs. Nachos9

RPF vs. Nachos10

RPF vs. Nachos11

RPF vs. Nachos12

RPF vs. Nachos13

RPF vs. Nachos14

RPF vs. Nachos15

RPF vs. Nachos16

RPF vs. Nachos17

RPF vs. Nachos18

RPF vs. Nachos19

RPF vs. Nachos20

RPF vs. Nachos21

RPF vs. Nachos22

RPF vs. Nachos23

RPF vs. Nachos24



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Fear my Power, bow to the might that is Pain or be destroyed.

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24 comments on “Victory on Snow Fort
  1. flappy112 says:

    I attended

  2. I attended too, awesome event #FightTheGoodFight

  3. Justinbronze says:

    I attended, and I would appreciate a promotion for my effort.

  4. jaws says:

    i attened and i didnt get a promo

  5. Sean Paul08 says:

    I came to the event & was in command of the Tanks Division At the Cove.
    I felt proud to get a victory at Snow Fort.

  6. I came #WeAreTheBestNachosAreNot

  7. I came #WeAreAwesomeNachosAreNot

  8. Thepurplesil says:

    I attended!You can see me in Forest photos!

  9. luckandy says:


  10. Cherry2081 says:

    I attended this fight! It was epic!!

  11. Sir jay says:

    Pain. I had faith in you and you did it. Good to be fighting by your side sir. *Salute* -Sir Jay

  12. Vo yo says:

    I attended. And lord pain, congrats on your first victory back in RPF. You sure have proven many wrong. Keep up the good work.

  13. Tony Romo401 says:

    I was there it was awesome. the best part was we destroyed them!!!!

  14. cheeseater13 says:

    IT WAS SO MUCH FUN TODAY! we totally kicked nacho but. . . and them ate them. towards the end gave a little bit of fight, but it was an awesome fight. ……………………..didnt get my promo though 😦

  15. cheeseater13 says:

    also, i have to say, Lord Pain’s strategy and tactics were exemplary today, it is partly why we won today.

  16. Caliwar says:

    I came to this event.

  17. Johnny says:

    I came! We crushed the nachos today! Good job RPF, we can win this war! RPF FOREVER

  18. Hey, why are there crumbs all over the floor? BECAUSE WE TOTALLY CRUSHED THOSE MOFO NACHOS!!! Best win under Lord Pain’s leadership yet! I attended this invasion.

    (You can find me saying this in the last picture.)

    ~Ueityhtak, RPF Lieutenant General

  19. Rishron says:

    I attended and congrats to lord pain for his first victory

  20. rockorking says:

    Guys… Logging out first dosen’t determine the battle. And prolonging a battle is just nooby.
    Beat that 😛

  21. damaincat says:

    I was there.

  22. yaya16098 says:

    me too
    i wasnt promoted

  23. Junie says:

    Fight the Good Fight Lord Pain.

  24. […] date: 7/23/13 promo Event: Yes […]

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