Hello. Charmed, I’m Sure

Hello, I am Justinbronze, your new RPF General. I’ve been here before, but not many of you remember me. So let me give you a short run-down of things I’ve done.

I first joined armies back in 2007. It wasn’t too long after the Color Wars (of which I was a part of. TEAM BLUE FTW). I joined FGR and was welcomed with open arms. I worked my way up to leader and I have led FGR multiple times. I found my way to RPF. I worked myself up to a mod rank and was in the election for leader. During that election I said some rude and immature things, and I was banned from the USRPF for life. Then I went to the nachos. I made a high owner rank there. Then I left. I came back to RPF. Got to an owner rank. I was banned from the USRPF for life for a second time. Then I left for the Nachos. Then I went inactive. And now I’m here. (Note: In between my bouncing between RPF and Nachos, there are multiple leadership and mod positions of FGR and other armies spread throughout. I have an extensive resume)


So now you know me a little bit, and I hope we can all have a GREAT time together.

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3 comments on “Hello. Charmed, I’m Sure
  1. Congratulations on the new rank Justin! 😀


    ~Ueityhtak, RPF Lieutenant General

  2. Oh crap. RPF* :S

  3. Andy says:

    Hello, Justinbronze. You may have spoken to me in the chat.
    Welcome to RPF top-rank business!
    I’m sure you’re very capable, since you’ve led Nachos, and FGR. 🙂

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