Legends Cup Battle & Re-Invasion of Tuxedo

Greetings RPF,

Tomorrow we have a very important battle against the Shadow Troops. This will be our first battle in the legends cup. If we are able to win the legends cup then it means we are able to overcome every single army in CP Warfare. I believe this is possible, so lets show everyone. Also, during our battle against the shadow troops the Nachos are going to re-invade Tuxedo. This will temporarily place Tuxedo back into their control until we re-invade it later that night. Times for these events are below:

Legends Cup IV

Sunday, July 21st

Server: Klondike [Report to Chat Box]


3:00 pm EST, 2:00 pm CST, 1:00 pm MST, 12:00 pm PST, 8:00 pm GMT


Re-Invasion of Tuxedo

Sunday, July 21st

Server: Tuxedo [Report to Chat Box]


12:30 am EST, 11:30 pm CST, 10:30 pm MST, 9:30 pm PST, 5:30 am GMT, 2:30 pm AUS



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Fear my Power, bow to the might that is Pain or be destroyed.

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15 comments on “Legends Cup Battle & Re-Invasion of Tuxedo
  1. I can make it to the Legends Cup against the Shadow Troops. Let’s take them down! 😀 We’re all in this together & we’re going to show them who’s boss of CP haha GOOOOO RPF!

    But for the re-invasion of Tuxedo, sadly, the time is set a tad too deep into the night for me to attend. 12:30 AM is a stretch. I apologize in advance for my to be absence.

    Anyways, comment if you can make it to either of these events! Keep faith in the RPF we will soon be #1 again. YOU can make the difference!


    ~Ueityhtak, RPF Lt. General

  2. spikyturtle says:

    i cant make it on sunday

  3. oolosunde says:

    I might be able. I am not really sure about sunday.

  4. This is gonna be a easy Victory to RPF Army

    -Kwi3 ~Colonel~

  5. Qaswar Abbas says:

    imma coming rpf forever

  6. Andy says:

    I can’t come for the Legends Cup, because I have school.
    But, I will surely come for the re-invasion at 9:30 am PST.

  7. humzhhii says:

    i think i am coming

  8. humzhhii says:

    if i come, we will take the other team down! even if i dont, we still will!!!!!!

  9. snaily5 says:

    The re-invasion times are all messed up! They should read, I believe:
    5:30am UK, 12:30am EST, 11:30pm CST, 10:30pm MST, 9:30pm PST

    Please fix this as soon as possible otherwise we might have people who miss out 😀

  10. snaily5 says:

    Fixed. Good 😀

  11. Thepurplesil says:

    I can make it only to Legends Cup 4!

  12. starboi414 says:

    I CAN MAKE IT TO BOTH!!!! cant wait..

  13. shy guy 513 says:

    i can make it i think

  14. justin says:

    I might but if I can it will be my first battle. Can someone tell me what to do plz?

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