RPF I am going on another vacation I will be back shortly after this weekend. Once I am back the branches will be finished so look forward to that. This is the most important time for RPF we are at the height of the war. Together we must work together and do everything we can. All RPF must help out in anyway possible during the next few days. I trust you guys are capable of handling yourselves while I’m gone. I ask you all to attend the scheduled events. Each one of you makes RPF the best and I am very proud to be your Commander *Salute*

In other news Gar has been promoted to Rebel Executive Commander.

I expect the advisers to help out this weekend.



About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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3 comments on “Vacation
  1. Djgtjvgyhxgy says:

    >Elm gone
    >Lord Pain the only leader left

    Been nice knowing you, RPF.

  2. weatherboy1 says:

    Dear lord…. RPF… The Bullshit Meter has gone off 3 Freaking times today… This is the most times it has gone off… RPF you have set a record…

  3. Kay-Z says:

    Sometimes when I go on vacation with my dog, he poops in other peoples hotel rooms then we end up getting kicked out for having a dog so we then spend the rest of vacation looking for hotel rooms with fully stocked bacon rolls and koolaid containers. Sometimes I yell at people in a walmart thats not in my state when I’m on vacation so I can get kicked out,so far I’ve gotten kicked out of 13 Walmarts! Anyway my dogs name is Oda and she is a Bsset hound and she poops in tiny plastic cat litter boxes. I dont know why but she does and we have a cat his name is kitty. There are coyotes in my yard. My mom does ballet and I play softball so when I get home from the feild all sweaty shes like “WTF WHY ARE YOU SWEATIN IM THE ONE WHOS WAS DOIN MAJOR SPORTS!” So I lick my cat whenever she yells at me. I also eat 2-bite brownies in 3 bites ^-^

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