Retirements of DJ and Snaily

This post will serve as a dual post for both me, Snaily5 RPF 2IC, and Djgtjvgyhxgy, former RPF Leader.  It has come to our attention that Lord Pain has been chosen and implemented as the new RPF Leader to replace Red Gush.   Based on these developments we have both decided to retire together.  Here are our retirement posts:

Snaily5, RPF 2IC

Rebel Executive Commander

This may come to a shock to many of you, but I’ve decided to sadly leave RPF.  I haven’t been here long, but I do have standards on who I will server under in CP armies. Unfortunately, Lord Pain is not one of them. I joined RPF with so much ambition and contributed great things and with so much more to offer that it’s hard to leave. I have hopefully inspired our troops to be quality soldiers who respect and watch out for one another. I really enjoyed so many people in RPF that it “pains” me to retire this army because of it’s unfortunate choice in a replacement leader for Red Gush. I’m not going to trash Pain for his atrocities in CP armies, but I won’t serve under such a person, it goes against my character.

For my friends in RPF. You make your own choice. Do not leave because I have left, to stand up for what I believe in. Make your own decisions, but make them well. No matter where I am on xat, I am and will always be your great friend. RPF is full of amazing people who I considered very close and many I will miss, especially Elmikey. Many of the people outside of RPF just don’t know him like I do. He’s amazing, incredible, a great person. You’re just all jealous because of who he is and what he has done and you could do the same if you are determined and applied yourself. I appreciate and recognize his efforts and loyalty and friendship. RPF is lucky to have such a great person. I’m going to miss Team Flappysnail. Flappy, we did make a great team buddy and I loved being 2IC with you, it was an honor. Sir PJ, well, I just love ya and I enjoyed shooting the pie cannon at you all the time. XD. You’re a fun person with a great head on your shoulders. I’ll miss you too very much.

Thank you RPF for the great times and good friends. You will all be missed.



former RPF Leader

I may be returning to armies upon the end of my leave, but I will not be returning to the RPF.

It is with deep regret that I, Djgtjvgyhxgy, former RPF leader and RPF legend, am officially leaving the RPF for good. Though I went into temporary retirement due to me going on leave and being in an area without where I can’t access CP or xat, due to recent decisions by the RPF leadership, namely making Lord Pain a leader, I no longer feel like there is any point in sticking around. Lord Pain will destroy RPF.

This isn’t the RPF. It simply isn’t. The RPF used to be a respectable army, but now, it’s a joke. The RPF expects their soldiers to literally make the RPF it’s life, giving them no time due to it’s constant events. The RPF is stretched too thin, and it’s killing them. It’s so bad that several RPF soldiers have been developing health issues. Though CP recruiting and Operation Restoration is a good idea, it is what is killing this army, as there is simply TOO MUCH of it.

There are other issues as well, but mentioning these would simply embarrass the RPF. I respect the members of the RPF too much to do that.

People may call me a quitter. Maybe I am. Maybe I’m not.

But in my seven years of service in CP armies, I’ve learned to recognize a ship that’s ready to sink. And while I’m all for going down with the ship, I’m not the U.S.S. RPF’s Captain.

Good luck, RPF. I’d tell you to keep fighting the good fight… but with Pain in charge…

There is no good fight.


Elmikey Edit: This has been quite a read. I do not know why someones developing health issues from RPF. I’m sorry maybe RPF is too fun. Bringing another person in the leadership only helps us in our fight against the evil Nachos. I definitely do not want people to devote their lives to RPF that is a lie. We’ve had one event everyday for like two weeks if anything that’s really bad cause it’s not enough and that is why I’ve mixed it up. It’s your choice to leave Dj as there is nothing wrong with adding someone new to the team especially if they can be just as good as me. I was Commando’s Second In Command when he formed RPF & I will fight the good fight till’ the end of time.


A friend loves at all times. Do what you love and love what you do and always give 100% of yourself.

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14 comments on “Retirements of DJ and Snaily
  1. Djgtjvgyhxgy says:

    According to what Snaily told me, the RPF leadership has asked to delete this post because they are afraid it will inspire others to quit as well.

    I remember a time when you could say whatever you wanted in the RPF. When freedom of speech was the priority. Now, it’s like the RPF has become a parody of the United States government.

    The good fight is dead and gone, buried underneath a mound of filth and lies.

  2. hadger1 says:

    Djg, you would make a good president.

    You guys seem like pretty good leaders, though. Snaily, I know you’re nice, Djg, I don’t know you, but you seem pretty sensible. Even though I’m a Nacho, it stinks to see you guys go.

    Whatever you guys do, don’t take this post down. The RPF troops need to see the truth, whether they like it or not.

  3. Hank 101 says:

    sanily old mate im going to to many people cyber bullie me on chat so im goin and i heard lord pain wasnt that good so im going to just leave cp armies with you old friend i am retiring
    Lil Nips out

  4. starboi414 says:

    good bye guys *salute*

  5. Just because some people are leaving the RPF doesn’t mean you should too. We’re all in this together & we have a chance to rise again if you stay and continue to fight. Side by side, battle by battle. Giving up and retiring is a move that some may do when they have reached the age that is graduating from high school or find no more interest when there are other priorities. I myself have been working for Clubpenguin armies since 2006 and still remain faithful. That is the key to success. When people just give up, nothing will be solved. It’s like allowing a house to burn down without staying to help put the fire out. I strongly advise you troops to keep on trying. Be the loyal, courageous, good-hearted souls that brought the RPF up to the light and gained so much respect from other armies. What happened to the fun? The honor and pride in serving the Rebel Penguin Federation? I will stay and fight until the end. I won’t let some retirements bring us down. And I hope that you, too, will help us rise to the top again. Stick with the RPF! We have been a great army with lots of great times. Maybe the new leader has a lot of great insight and knowledge with good strategical combat plans. A change isn’t always a horrid thing. This guy may have changed himself from his questionable reputation. Elmikey trusts him and you should too. He’d only do this for the Rebel Penguin Federation. Or maybe he brings a new light with a totally different system of taking down the evil nachos. That’s what the nachos want you to do. Give up, surrender to the liars, hackers, cheaters that we had aimed to take down by fighting for the good of Clubpenguin. RPF never surrenders! We fight until the end. And this is not the end. The RPF is still alive and struggling, but with your help, we will thrive! The fight for good is still here and you can make the difference. Don’t back down & we’re going to kick some stale nacho butt!

    So without any further ado, I bid goodbye to the retiring RPF members and *salute* you for all the times you have aided our army in rising above the evil. I’ll miss you Snaily & Pj, and I am sorry to see you go. We’ll use the luck and love and courage to stop them with or without you. You can stop by the chat to see how we’re doing if you’d like. Once again,

    RPF never surrenders!

    ~Ueityhtak, RPF Major General

  6. snaily5 says:

    Im not surrendering to the evil Nachos, I am standing up for what is right and what is good. I am an extremely forgiving and understanding person, but I recognize opportunists and undesirable repeated patterns in people and I will not associate myself with someone of Pain’s character. I do realize that there are all types of people in the world and we must learn to get along with one another, but I have the right to decide based on a person’s character, personality, and activities whether or not I want to be associated with them.
    Pain is NOT what RPF needs and does not stand up or represent our standard of excellence.

  7. Sir jay says:

    I may be taking over snailys position but if you dont want me as 2ic comment. Idk if u think im a good 2ic. And hank i will protect you 🙂 i will protect all from cyberbullying it needs to END -General Jay

  8. No Jay. I’ve been 3ic longer than you and I’ve earned it more. I deserve Snaily’s position more.

  9. snaily5 says:

    omg already a feeding frenzy…….:(

  10. Sir jay says:

    Gar may take it idc really unless we got elections. But ill miss snaily :[

  11. Hank 101 says:

    thank you jay i have been thinking i will stay i will miss snaily i love you snaily

  12. snaily5 says:

    Love ya too 😉

  13. I can’t believe because of Lord Pain, 2 of our good leaders just quit. That is so not fair!!!!!! If Lord Pain was such a bad leader, then why would’ve he come back to do it again? Snaily and Dj I didn’t know couldn’t live with Lord Pain as leader!! That dumb faggot. I’ll strike him for what he has caused. If no one can live with Lord Pain and he makes us do things too strict, I’ll be forced to retire, too. No one can live without Snaily or Dj. We need them both back to make them help us fight the good fight once again.

    – Fire Flicker 4101 (Corporal)

  14. And get this, I do not care if you ban me or whatever you do because I talked like that to a leader, but RPF cannot live with a bad leader. We have to do something to keep Lord Pain from making anybody else retire.

    – Fire Flicker 4101 (Corporal) [FYI]

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