Club Penguin Fashion Catalog July 2013

Happy Friday, RPF! I’m running a little late on this posting, but I must ask for patience. I’m currently off on a vacation in New York, but I’m trying my best here. Anyways, back to business!

This recent update added a few new pages of brand new clothing for the Club Penguin Fashion Catalog. Complete with the newest summer wear, these additions to the fashion catalog will have your penguin rockin’ and ready for the beach!

***There are no cheats for the July 2013 additions.

They also added four backgrounds–two of them teasing the Star Wars party, and two old favorites re-added to the catalog!

There’s also a brand new pin located in the dance club! It’s a perfect attachment for any of you penguins that are into pretending to be the average college-kid! This pin was probably added due to the new school Club Penguin added next to the Mine Shack (unfortunately, it replaced the Recycling Plant).

     What’s playing at the theater? The Haunting of the Viking Opera, of course! This is one of the few plays that have returned to The Stage.

The Haunting of the Viking Opera is about viking opera singer–Helga–refusing to practice singing because of a supposed ghost haunting the theater! It quickly unfolds into just a silly misunderstanding! You can purchase Helga’s costume, as well as many of the other character’s costumes! As always, there is one secret in the costume trunk catalog…and it’s always the director’s outfit! This time, you have to click on the ghost’s flashlight to find the director’s clothing!

So, are any of you excited for the Star Wars party? It’s obvious something is coming! If you pay close attention to the skies, you can view the Death Star ominously hovering overhead from certain rooms, and there are other various construction sites preparing for something big! I’ve always been a big Star Wars fan, and regardless of who owns the rights to the legendary films, I’m always going to be excited for anything Star Wars related!

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2 comments on “Club Penguin Fashion Catalog July 2013
  1. snaily5 says:

    Great job keeping us up to date! My only suggestion is to make your pics smaller. Also, put a “read more” towards the top so people click into the post to see the goodies. Having it expanded like this takes up too much space on the front page of the site.

    I can’t wait to get into the catalog! Oh wait….I have most of this already. Darn. Cmon CP, give us something new! 😉

  2. CIAN130 says:

    Do you think that the stormtroopers costumes will come with some kind of gun?

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