Successful Defense Against Nacho Empire[VIDEO]

Sorry for the bad editing XD





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6 comments on “Successful Defense Against Nacho Empire[VIDEO]
  1. snaily5 says:

    Elmikey, I was looking forward to another entertaining video by you, but it’s giving me a message that the video is private 😦
    Also, the haters graphic is so true. That is what I’ve been telling you all along. 🙂

  2. The video is on private, so only you can see it elmikey! You can change the video settings from your YouTube account so everyone else can see how awesome the RPF vs Nachos battle was. Hope you see my comment ASAP so we get to watch it! 😀

    RPF eats nachos XD

    ~Ueityhtak, RPF Sergeant

  3. Elmikey [ʀᴘғ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ] - |2007 Legend| { ƒĩɢɦŦ Ŧɦ£ ɢøøƊ ƒĩɢɦŦ } says:


    I fixed it I had no idea :c

  4. Sneezy says:

    Yo elmikey I gotta say thank you man for the video of our victory. But gotta assure you sending a spy “1goblinguy” who isn’t in the nachos to come say that also means a lot.

  5. Red Gush24 says:

    Dear RPF, I am commenting through an open Wifi signal and I am currently on a laptop. This message is to inform you all of a few technical issues I have been having the past few days. I suspect I was “DDoSed” for my internet hasn’t worked for the past days. I apologize for any corruption throughout the RPF leading system, and I am attempting to return ASAP. I wish to return by today, and after that, hopefully the scum who hacked me are long gone. Again, my great apologies for me not being there, but some things are out of my reach. Do not worry, for I am coming back, do not worry, for I shall Fight the Good Fight, do not worry, because it’s Far From Over. -Red Gush24 [RPF Leader] Fighting The Good Fight

  6. Poohbear58 says:

    Im Here! 🙂

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