On Wednesday July 10th the Rebel Penguin Federation marched onto the server Klondike to defend RPF territory Alaska. RPF leadership was DDoSed and so were a few Generals. I was unaffected since I got a new router/ip & I haven’t commented on any site besides this one. At this time (2 hours later) they are still being hit offline. It is unfortunate because these kids wanted to play Club Penguin and have a fun-filled snow ball fight. I advise all members of the Rebel Penguin Federation to not comment on any other army website or else they will get your IP address and use a simple program to shut down your internet indefinitely in attempt of weakening RPF. The Nachos have attempted to weaken us by all means necessary, they DDoS’d, Multi-log, Bully & lie. They accuse our army by saying we cheat which is a total lie, I operate my army the same way I did when I was 2ic in 2007.  These guys don’t even play CP. The Nacho Empire is a group of chat room trolls and nothing more. The Rebel Penguin Federation stood strong while we watched as the enemy made fools of themselves.

At approximately 1:30 pm Eastern Time most online Rebel Penguin Federation soldiers moved from Arctic to Klondike. Elmikey gave the orders and the RPF troops were soon stationed in the server Klondike at the Town. RPF patiently waited until the defense officially started. Here are some photos:



This next photograph was taken seconds before the Nachos retreated to the Ice Berg (Shortly before battle officially started)


We quickly followed the Nachos to the Ice Berg and went into formation.


As soon as the Nachos witnessed superior RPF tactics & numbers they scurried to the Mine. Here is a picture of the RPF that followed orders and did not go to the mine to fight. 


I went into private chat with the Nacho leader Puckley and we agreed to storm the Pool at the same exact time and the locked out troops were to go fight somewhere else.

The Nachos Quickly Stormed in


Followed by a barrage of RPF


 Battle Has Begun

Reaching the truth amongst the lies

Darkness will fall new days will rise





Many RPF members were locked out so I decided to change rooms so everyone could have fun.

We moved to the Forest 


The Nachos proceeded to Joke bomb while RPF said “Hello”


The RPF snowballs were too much for the Nachos so they went into some type of cluster to defend themselves from the flying snowballs. After a few moments they disbanded and made igloos. The RPF made a smiley face.


The Nachos retreated to the Plaza.



Due to the number of locked out troops we once again moved rooms and went to the docks. It was an intense battle. At this time most RPF high ranking officials have been hit offline by DDoS attacks.


We then moved to the Beacon.


The Nachos soon got bored and logged off, both sides gave the log out orders.


A lot of RPF members did not want to get off CP so we partied!! 


After an epic party with the RPF that didn’t want to get off Club Penguin, we decided to go to Arctic to see what fun was happening there.

We started off at the Scare-Games and had a massive rogue battle (no pictures :c) Lot’s of fun!!!! Afterwards we decided to go to the Coffee Shop here’s a picture.


In the end we still succeeded and those evil dirty lying bullies (Nachos) were defeated. The Nachos played every dirty trick in the book.

Rebel Penguin Federation stood strong and prevailed. Darkness has fallen. We are now in our beginning stages of Operation Restoration and so far it’s going great! Rogue armies are popping up everywhere in Arctic having fun snow-ball filled battles. I went down the top 10 list and went to many chats and tried getting people on CP but unfortunately not 1 army could get 1 person onto CP, except UMA & CPR props to them.


Note: The Rebel Penguin Federation is a real Club Penguin army, our soldiers enjoy throwing snowballs and hunting the enemy. Many will disobey orders so they can truly enjoy themselves and have fun.  Also a good number of our troops are not allowed to use xat so they just run around the server and hunt the enemy and throw snowballs at them. They would rather actually fight some Nachos than dance in circles and take pictures. I respect that.

About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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  1. Poohbear58 says:


  2. Poohbear58 says:

    First Comment!


  4. Sean Paul08 says:

    I am in the Party on Stage at the Lighthouse with an Accordian. I SAID PARTY IN THE LIGHTHOUSE FOR RPF VICTORY!!!

  5. Favorite picture:

    Party at the beacon! I’m one of the dancers saying “!” in midspin 😉 When the remaining RPF partied in the beacon after a good battle against the cheating, stale, salsa-lacking nachos, everyone kicked back and enjoyed themselves along with revealing hidden musical talents! Some members of the Rebel Penguin Federation even transformed into musicians and dancers. A few break dancers came out too and it was really fun. Speaking of fun… What an amazing battle & a big thanks to our leaders for the fun-filled excitement of not only protecting Clubpenguin but leading us to butt-kicking, nacho-crunching victory! Good job to everyone else who reported for duty in this event and hope the rest of the Rebel Penguin Federation had as much fun as I did. Happy waddling!

    Darkness will fall, new days will rise

    ~Ueityhtak, RPF Sergeant

  6. Reblogged this on Ueityhtak and commented:
    Proud Rebel Penguin Federation Sergeant xD

  7. snaily5 says:

    This was a fun event! Thanks to all RPF who participated in this exciting battle. I unfortunately had to leave before the lighthouse celebration, but it looks like a great party. Next time I’ll bring my tuba! 🙂

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