UMA No Show

The Rebel Penguin Federation was fighting the CPR (A Rogue Arctic Army) on the server Arctic. While holding our 24/7 Arctic battles we realized it was time to fight UMA. Unfortunately UMA could not attend the RPF’s invasion of Zipline since UMA is an unstable army. Hopefully they’ll attend the next battle. RPF ventured it’s way to Klondike to battle the locked out troops of the ACP vs AR war. We intended to start a fun/friendly snowball fight with the locked out soldiers but all they did was chant a phrase or two at the same time while standing in line, then they logged out.. No fun in that…

Also here is a picture of Operation Restoration [Day 2]

RPF vs ST – Unscheduled O/R Arctic Battle


Also here’s a picture from yesterdays recruiting, I was looking for a place to recruit and saw that there was a “famous penguin” at this location which attracted a massive crowd. I quickly sent in the troops to help me recruit his followers.





About Rebel Penguin Marines Activated! December 2017.

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3 comments on “UMA No Show
  1. Rockor king says:


  2. orangegirl65 says:

    they need to get there army straitened out. but not as much as the nachos need to.

  3. snaily5 says:

    Who was the famous penguin? Elm, put the pics I took from Ice Palace in please. 🙂

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