Cease Fire Unclear | Gentlemen’s War With UMA

After a meeting with the Rebel Penguin Federation, Doritos of Club Penguin, Nachos, and Underground Mafias Army, a consensus on what is to happen was not apparent.

RPF diplomats pushed for a Cease Fire that would last one week with the Nachos, along with the idea of having another meeting next Monday about a plan to reinstate warfare- but with a series of “Battle Of” battles that would help decide the winner of the servers in question.

The Nachos responded with the following terms.

  • Aurora, Alaska, and Alpine would be placed under disputed territory, with RPF unable to log on these servers.
  • If RPF high commander ranks were seen ordering RPF troops to the territories, or recruiting on such areas, war would be recommenced.

The Rebel Penguin Federation accepted such terms, Puckley, of the Nachos agreed to this. He then said he wanted run the proposal by Ads.

Ads rejected, offered no viable alternative, mocked us, and left the chat.

Currently there is no say on whether or not the Cease Fire is actually in effect, as it stands, no invasions have been posted on either side. 

Concerning UMA’s position, RPF asked if the UMA would like to proceed with the RPF invasions in a snowball fighting manor. They agreed, as we plan to give any captured servers back to the UMA. We assume they will do the same for us.

DCP aims to continue warfare towards the UMA after the UMA teamed up with the Nachos recently. After RPF and UMA’s Gentleman’s war, the two armies will be going neutral with each other.

RPF is still open to talks with the Nachos at this time.

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3 comments on “Cease Fire Unclear | Gentlemen’s War With UMA
  1. snaily5 says:

    Thanks for the update. Keep recruiting and training. Let’s enjoy our snowballing events with UMA this week. 🙂

  2. Nelson says:

    when is the next snow ball batle and how do i need any thing for it

  3. snaily5 says:

    Snow ball battles are all on Arctic and they are 24/7. Come to chat, get some friends in, if they aren’t already there, and have a blast! If you need help, ask me or any owner 🙂

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