White House – [Invasion] SUCCESSFUL

Today we logged onto the Club Penguin server “White House” and invaded Nacho district 1. RPF forces rolled in by ground, water and air. We were soon met by a defending Nacho force and we quickly went into battle. I must say this invasion was a successful one for RPF. We dominated in size & tactically. Everyone did a good job of following orders so expect a possible promotion. Here are some pictures from today’s war battle.

nacho20 lol.



Here we met the Nachos on the ice berg, they quickly learned that they stink. RPF put up an immense battle there was tons of snow ball throwing and chanting “RPF”!


Here the Nachos can be seen retreating, the ones who didn’t drown in the icey waters found themselves in the Mine. RPF pushed deeper as we advanced through the White House


The U.S.R.P.F Commando arrived and RPF sailed to the Docks


The U.S.R.P.F COMMANDO waited for RPF to finish at the docks. Once we finished at the docks we were transported to the Cove



The Nachos then realized the RPF tactics were far too great for them so they decided to join our tactics instead.



We then made an “X” formation literally did it in under 5 seconds. Too fast for the Nachos.



We then moved on to the Pool.


Truth is


We successfully drowned each Nacho member in the pool then we were airlifted to the Beacon.



The Nachos then went back to the Ice Berg and started reading the newspaper. Image

The previous picture was taken 1 hour 30 minutes into battle.

In The End


The surviving RPF went on to invade the rest of White House





The Rebel Penguin Federation once again defeated the Nacho Empire, we invaded White House this time. Victory is ours. RPF now owns the server “White House” and will be added to our nation. Good job today RPF! Also do note the Nachos are sore losers they will post that they won and claim victory no matter how hard they lost, they shouldn’t be called a cp army. RPF has now taken the number one spot from the Nachos on cparmycentral. We will work together to bring the light back to CP Armies. I came back to cp armies and they were in a horrible near-total-death state because the people leading the major armies had no clue. They didn’t even go on CP, what kind of Club Penguin Army doesn’t even play CP? Darkness will fall and we will see a new light for cp armies. These coming months will make Summer 2007 look bad. Fight the good fight! 

– When Darkness Falls

– RPF!



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2 comments on “White House – [Invasion] SUCCESSFUL
  1. Kathytieu8479 says:

    Woo! Rpf wins again 😀 Forever victorious and fighting the good fight until the end

    ~Ueityhtak, Rebel Cadet of Marines

  2. joeymaster41 says:

    RPF wins like a boss.

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