Through The Suffering We Fight, No End In Sight

Seeing the world through hardened eyes,
A vision of hopelessness
Reaching for the truth amongst the lies

Burn down your deception
There lies the way of the weak
Rise again conquering
Born from destruction

Through the suffering we fight, no end in sight
Until we see the light, no end in sight


The Rebel Penguin Federation is nearly two months reborn now, and we are currently engaged in one of the biggest conflicts in what seems to be years. We were the first to take a leap of faith against an enemy that was described only as a Goliath. How wrong these previous assumptions were didn’t come into realization until we dealt the Nachos their first losses in months. But what did the losses actually prove? They proved something much more profound.

Being the Number One army in the community usually sparks innovation, great warfare, and all around recruitment for Club Penguin Armies. The Nachos some how managed to do none of these things. They instead became so focused on themselves that everything they did was only for the Nachos. The biggest army is not supposed to be selfish, they are supposed to be the guardians here. When ACP had this status, they might not have been liked, but they maintained. When the RPF held this status, we brought an age of revolution so dense that everybody is still swimming in it. Now, like the UMA did in 2007. The Nachos have become the same. Enemies of us have launched DDoS attacks and other underhanded gestures to try and make sure we are not successful in what must be done.

The Rebel Penguin Federation has not always been described as the good guys, neither does the name sound very nice. That isn’t a total mistake either. The RPF is the only army who dares to stand up against anything and everything even if the odds are against it. We are the good guys who dare to do what must be done, even if it’s not totally right in the eyes of the general population. Why haven’t I called out people for using auto talkers yet? The Nachos and others were so against Club Penguin that they successful annihilated Club Penguin recruiting. We have initiated this because this was the only way to jump start this trend back. Not recruiting on Club Penguin amounts to the end of Club Penguin Armies. The RPF, by itself, has been able to recruit a ridiculous amount of new people to the community. Going to war with us for the reason of “saving Club Penguin Armies” is an injustice in itself. This isn’t UMA’s coin hacking, or GT’s bot army.

This needs to continue, and this needs to be done to keep Club Penguin Armies in existence.  We need to recruit the members into the community that the Nachos didn’t recruit. It doesn’t even have to be done a lot. Most of the RPF recruitment now is just RPF members going out and talking to people at this point. Along with getting new members, we as a community need to tell those who DDoS others that they can no longer be here. That’s not how we play this game. Those who have done this or allowed it to happen are the ones trying to destroy this place we’ve all created. I personally will not stand for that.

This is our battle cry to our allies, friends, and even to our enemies- 

Supporting the Nachos is telling them that they can get away with these underhanded injustices.

The RPF went in first, and we plan to keep attacking until the day is won. We need your help in this venture though. They can’t DDoS or Dox us all, and we need to stand up in what we believe in to get rid of it. The time to act is now.

Think of this as Oagalthorp’s alliance invitation of WWIII.

The RPF will walk this road alone if you choose to leave us, we’ve already been to our annihilation and back. There isn’t anything they can throw at us to make us suffer anymore.



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11 comments on “Through The Suffering We Fight, No End In Sight
  1. orangegirl65 says:

    That was truly beautiful and inspiring. I am so glad I joined rpf. It was the correct choice of army. I am happy to be fighting along side all of u.

  2. asagrayday says:

    My name is Guy Boy Is,

    and I fight with the RPF and I am loyal, so I was wondering if you could send me the password please. thanks.

  3. flappy112 says:

    😥 Tears from such motivation and inspiration

  4. Pinkychina says:

    I wish i could of been there! 😦
    I was dressed up and everything. where did u guys fight?

  5. Ultipenguinj says:

    Very inspiring. **sniff sniff**

  6. chillsmon says:

    We must stand up in what we believe in, not let anyone change us, we belong to us.

  7. NicWin100 says:

    We’re Number 1!

  8. Nibbles40178 says:

    Congrats to everybody to the people who showed up and put out outstanding effort over the last week. I wasn’t able to be here specifically today for various reasons. Go RPF! This is something to be proud of!

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