Peaceful Takeover Over.

I have to leave very soon, others may edit this post and fully explain to our troopers.

There has been a leadership exchange.

Nothing violent, in fact, everyone is still friends. =D

I’m just going to post the ranks.

Leader- Cewan

2nd in Command- Term, Tal

Head Warlord- ATM23

Warlord- Sky, Flappy, Paco, Jordi(unconfirmed)





I will address my full goal later, but here it is summed up-

Bring RPF as close to the old Commando-era.

I know bringing the Commando-Era back is impossible, but we have to get as close as possible.

I know there have been like 8 RPF generations, but I divide RPF history into 3 parts so far.

RPF With Commando-

The famous, kickass army that beat the crap out of anyone standing in its way.

RPF Without Commando, but with people who knew Commando personally-

No where close to the first, but still pretty kickass, and is a solid Top 10 army.

RPF Post-2009-

Suckish, lame, without purpose, and more of a chore then actually enjoying kicking peoples asses.


The new era starts now.

.Remember Commando.

Cewan, your new Leader.


Two things before I go.

1) We will not have an official government.  In 2006-2007, there were no governments, people did what they had to do to keep the army running.  Guess when CP Armies were at its best? 2006-2007.

2)I’m going to bed like right now, so sorry if I sounded really illiterate and without meaning, but I do have a plan.  Do not worry.

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3 comments on “Peaceful Takeover Over.
  1. Cewån|๏ṨTḀRRK says:

    Lol. there were like 8 typo’s and grammar mistakes 😛

  2. Bleu says:

    I request the rank of “RPF Princess.”

  3. Kyle Cease says:

    Yo, if you want to remember commando, the least you should do is keep him and I on as administrators to this site.

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