Are YOU active?

Ashes edit:

Dear Fiasco and RPF,

What you said in the edit on this post was what I was doing, and that was why I was RPF King and not the leader or president. However, I am to step down from the position of RPF King and just become the Guardian.  I will edit the ranks page accordingly. Josh should be the one leading and be active, however if this is not the case I would suggest that leadership elections are needed and he should be removed. I would like to thank RPF for letting me lead you, and wish you all the best in the future. Rest assured, I will stay as your guardian as long as you need one. This is not a retirement, rather a new beginning for me and RPF. Good Luck.

 Yours sincerely,


p.s: One leader works better than two normally, however you need to have a good 2ic. If you wan’t some help with the elections, I am happy to assist you to do so. Also, why would I delete the site or chat? That would be a silly thing to do. I will have a chat with you either today or tommorow about what I feel the best thing for RPF to do is.

Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things – Sir Winston Churchill


Important Edit :

Dear Ashes,

You have been a noble and great leader for RPF, but you have gotten inactive. We need to have a new leader for things to work properly.  This is a formal request for you to step down without deleting site/chat. We request you be the new Commando, and just make sure RPF doesn’t get hacked or whatnot. Basically be the guardian, and let us be the child.  The child (us) have grown up, but we still need supervision. If you may kindly acknowledge your new position and let go of your old position, it would be greatly appreciated.

With respect


Edit : Practice Battle with  RFW

Date : Tuesday. December 21, 2010

Times :  11 PST, 12 MST, 1 CST, 2 EST, 7 GMT.

Place : Ice pond

Also, we need to get more active on CP.  More info later.

RPF is doing a winter-cleaning of the ranks. Please leave a comment on this post so that we know your active and leave you up.



2. 2ic

3. An 8 out of 10


Try to attend as many events as possible. The more people at events means the more fun things we can do like invasions and parties and such.

What you talking about?

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31 comments on “Are YOU active?
  1. DᴚOɔɔO says:

    9(but has been lower lately because of the holiday season)

  2. Lorenzo Bean says:

    1. Lorenzo Bean
    2. Major General
    3. 5 (no motivation)

  3. hamie111 says:

    Brigadier General

  4. charizard58 says:

    Now RPF is near it’s final hours, the once mighty golden empire, is now a shadow and it’s gold is now dust.

  5. gordonedward says:

    assitant general

  6. Hamthy says:


    7.5 out of 10

  7. emperer says:

    Karakoran (Emperer Josh)

  8. flappy112 says:

    Major General (5ic)

  9. Superpaco24 says:

    Super Paco24

  10. ATM 23 says:

    1. ATM 23

    2. Warlord

    3. 7

  11. butchaman27 says:

    1. butchaman27

    2. warlord

    3. 9

  12. Mr Deedledoo says:

    1.MrDeedledoo aka Dee

    2. Appointed Used Cars Salesman by Elitesof in 2009 but I think I was offered War Lord.

    3. 7

  13. Runabout_Dax says:

    LT. General

  14. Wingnut1801 says:

    An 5 out of 10 cus i wasnt on for a long time!

  15. kingcrybaby says:

    1 kingcrybaby
    2: not ranked?
    3:8 out of 10 cuz i usually check the website

  16. Swimmerboy01-RPF Elite says:

    5/10 I make it to half the events and read the website.

  17. Grant42 says:

    1. Grant42
    2. 5ic
    3. I am only about a 3 out of 10, but there hasn’t been any events lately… Also, chat is empty a lot. Never getting promoted before the hack also hurt a little too…

  18. meadalhead says:

    1 Caliwar
    2 Lt general
    3 I give myself a solid 9 I would give a 10 But I go to events just for like 3 people to show up out of the 10 to 11 on the chat Therefore I am disopointed , Cewan dont get mad my wordpress is meadal 😀

  19. Rapidy says:

    1. Rapidy

    2. Elite

    3. An 8 out of 10

  20. RMStitanic94 says:

    1. RMStitanic94
    2. Lowest Mod Rank
    3. 9 out of 10.

  21. Andrewmcfunnybone says:

    1. Andrewmcfunnybone

    2.UHHH rookie?

    I don’t get #3

  22. P80 says:


  23. Tέᴙӎ says:

    1. Egger59
    2. Warlord
    3. 9.1

  24. ioioluk says:


    2.idk im still waiting for a rank

    3. i dropped alot before i was very active but now about 4 =/

  25. ashes1627 says:

    1. Ashes1627
    2. RPF King
    3. about a 4 (about 0.5 on chat), im mainly here just in case things get buggered up.

  26. Ruffle007 says:

    1. Ruffle007
    2. Major

  27. megirl164 says:

    2.Major General
    3. 7 out of 10

  28. Fiasco 121 says:

    Wait, i forgot to comment

  29. soccer2490 says:

    i find it funny how some of the active ranks are higher than our leaders..


  30. Dippers says:

    Major General/Royal Marines
    9 out of 10

  31. thebester5 says:

    I jusr found out im in RPF. SO, i guess im sort of active

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