Order 112 ENACTED

Edit: Just to make it clear, Order 112 overrides order 13.

Due to an internal problem caused by the unfair suspension of 2 of the current 3 leaders, the government of the Rebel Penguin Federation has been forced to enact Order 112. This grants the government, consisting of Ashes1627, control of the Rebel Penguin Federation as laid out and explained in the Government Leadership Act, found at https://rpfrulers.wordpress.com/acts/ .


2 of the 3 current leaders have been suspended from the Rebel Penguin Federation due to the deliberate false information given by Cas. The government has decided to REMOVE CAS FROM LEADERSHIP, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. The Government of the Rebel Penguin Federation has also decided to RETURN ELITES OF AND MAT TO POWER. The Government has decided to let Elites of pick the Replacment for Cas, as he is the most active leader out of the two remaining leaders. As soon as the following changes have been made and implemented, the Order shall be repealled.

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