Where Do We Take This?

UPDATE: Issue Resolved

Hello RPF,

Stev has retired, Karakoran is inactive, it seems that me and my loyal team (chapa and flameguy) are the only ones trying to do any work around here.

The simple fact of this matter is that i am an author on this website and as an author how can i effectively run this army, I need to be at least editor if not admin to run this place sucessfully, I do understand however that Commando and Kyle Cease might be aprehensive due to site security, but if i am not editored/admined then this army cant run and we will either have to shut down or move sites.

Please Comment your opinions and suggestions!


Cas, Possibly Last RPF Leader?

I get frequent bouts of patriotic nostalgia.

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2 comments on “Where Do We Take This?
  1. Osprey037 says:

    I made it work without being an admin.

  2. drewinator says:

    yea we need to get our site back in order if we will continue being a club penguin army
    PS.if we want to get allies then we should look on other armies websites and show up to THEIR battles and help them win so theywould ask to be allies

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