The Rebuilding

Karakoran Edit: RPF hereby joins the Red Alliance. Why? Well, RPF needs an alliance to keep it protected from foreign invasion. Now, why RA and not the alliance the Nachos are in? Well 1) We’ve tried Nachos LOTS of times. They end up backing out whenever we need something done, ie. RPF’s war against ACP the Nachos just ordered a retreat after like 2 mintues into the Snow Fort invasion that RPF planned. 2) ACP went out of their way to get RPF its freedom back while Nachos just declared war on ACP about 10 minutes after ACP won us that freedom.

In any case, we’re not officially commited to any campaigns yet as we’ll probably working on a different front then most of RA. It should help out RA as a whole though.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come to rise once again. For almost a month now we have been sitting in the dark. Watching slowly as this army fell to the ground. But now it’s time to get back to the top. It is time to seek back what is rightfully ours and show who truly is boss. My fellow RPF soldiers, I bring to you a task. This week will be full of non-stop activities that with a bit of luck will benefit the army in a major war. Get ready and get loaded, because RPF is back in black.


Yes, we will be recruiting all week all day. Whenever you are on I want every single person on RPF chat to go on CP and recruit in whatever server we are in. Recruiting is the number 1 thing that can help this army back up again. If you truly care about this army and wish to show your support, then you will help out in this task. It really isn’t that hard. It’s simple actually. Just go on CP. Say “LOOK UP REBEL PENGUIN FED” and do it again. It may seem boring, but all that hard work will pay off if everyone chips in.


This friday we will also be holding a major party to show the people on CP that this is a fun army and show them our true power. Be dressed in RPF uniform to impress. The party will be for a full hour. Here is the schedule:

When: Friday, April 2, 2010

Time: 5:00 PST, 8:00 EST (the rest you figure out for yourselves because I don’t know what time zone you live in xP).

Where:Tuxedo and possibly White Out.

Why: To party, duh.

Who: Anyone, but you must be dressed in black and be on chat.

Well that’s all for now, if anyone else wants to add anything, be my guest. Until then, get to work!

~Stev712, RPF Parliament.

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10 comments on “The Rebuilding
  1. TyloV5 says:

    Stev, maybe we should finish the elections first…

  2. marvelking says:

    TyloV5 :

    Stev, maybe we should finish the elections first…

    The sooner this army starts rebuilding itself, the better.

  3. TyloV5 says:

    Fair enough. Know that I’m with you guys, but I can’t go on chat.

  4. emperer says:

    TyloV5 :

    Stev, maybe we should finish the elections first…

    Discontinued. Stev was already elected. Zie was just wildly misinformed.

  5. TyloV5 says:

    So… “TyloV5, RPF Golden General” has a nice ring to it, right? Just kidding, of course.

  6. Nielsenkc says:

    WTH EWWW A PARTY ON CP? Why not have a party on xat or some thing. I mean in the past rpf always use to have a party on xat.

  7. Commando717 says:

    Nielsenkc :

    WTH EWWW A PARTY ON CP? Why not have a party on xat or some thing. I mean in the past rpf always use to have a party on xat.

    The PAST RPF only used CP. The only way to rebuild is to use CP. Pick your choice: RPF 2009, or RPF 2007.

    – Commando717

  8. Zarzon Jr says:

    I choose RPF 2008 Commando

  9. TyloV5 says:

    I choose RPF 2010: I live in the NOW

    But RPF 2007 was good too… lol

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